Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Stillborn! - Baby’s Lost

It is easy to judge those of our fellow men and women who live on the street as dirty, evil or simply as losers while they peddle their unspeakable wares, in the dead of night. The Earth is replete with examples of young girls who today live in circumstances that seem unthinkable to us and unimaginable. Many of these women set out on a journey to places like Hollywood to “Make it big” to “Become a star!” only to find themselves to be the victims of broken promises, veins full of narcotics and in bed with someone they have never met before and never will again. The stories are many and the reasons are just as numerous even as their original motivations seemed to have merited their journey into the ultimately lonely and often fatal situations which led many into drug addiction, prostitution, prison and even suicide.

In “Stillborn! – Baby’s Lost” Susan Chacon’s reasons also were real and profound. She set out to escape some personal dangers that would eventually only lead her into a final and disastrous ones.

Read this excerpt from Steven Clark Bradley’s novel, Stillborn, and you’ll see how a life without hope, support or mercy can lead a hopeless woman to make some terrible choices. So many women today are trapped in circumstances exactly like Susan Chacon. Perhaps, after you read this passage, the next time you see such people in their self-imposed prisons, you’ll feel more sorrow than judgment. Perhaps it will make you appreciate anew, just how important a loving family can be.

Stillborn! - Baby’s Lost

“Doctor, I’ve got a lot of blood here. I think we’re losing her!”

Susan Chacon, simply put, was bleeding to death. It was no big deal for her. Her whole life had been hemorrhaging since she was thirteen anyway. It was the perfect ending to a very imperfect life. She was completely unconscious to the outside world, but in her mind, which was traveling deeper and deeper into the tunnel of malaise and death, she was seeing her life play back in vivid detail. It was all taking her back to the day that led to the very present one in which she had given away two new lives to the heartless world while her own was being not too slowly snatched away from her. Susan could see her sweet daddy, then her mother hugging her brother, her brother staring down at her. She heard weeping and pitiful cries, heard her brother’s hideous diabolical laugh and then felt an image begin to play right before her dimming eyes.

“Doctor, we need an I.V. started here, potassium is bottoming out! I’m losing her pulse!”

Susan Chacon was so confoundedly indifferent. She was a unique one; a lusciously beautiful girl, that is. Susan had a thing about her. She could take a heart, admire it for a time with passion and then cast it aside as unlikely to be of use to her in the future until right now as she was throwing away her own life so cruelly.

She lay stretched out on the emergency room bed, just a shell with a slightly beating heart. She had lost her will to fight. The blood she had lost in the delivery of her second child, where she had been left for dead, had also left her depressed and empty; with the feeling that there was nothing left to fight for. Yet, as she drew closer and closer to the end of the tunnel she could see the images flashing past her mind’s eyes! It all played like a sad ‘somebody done somebody wrong’ song that just would not end.

Throughout her life until thirteen years of age, she had been with lots of friends and had remained untouched and alive in the outside world. In her world, many of her girl friends had already ridden themselves of the lock to their garden, but not Susan. She had been around those who partied and caroused in a very Mexican secular, Catholic sort of way and had remained chaste at every level. For Susan Chacon, it was not outside with her friends that threatened to rob her of her innocence but rather at home where her future risked being ripped from her.

She had been at a time in her life when she had totally disconnected with her supposedly devout brother. It was her brother who had almost forced her to live away from the house as much as she could when her father was not there. She hated how her brother had started to look at her! It made her skin crawl and made her fear for her safety. He had abnormal eyes, which stared constantly at her in a manner that told her he had an unnatural taste for forbidden fruit.

This young 17-year-old almost-man, who should have been a male figure in her life in whom she could confide and whom she could trust, had instead become a source of fear and confusion for Susan at the tender age of thirteen. True enough, she was not your average thirteen-year-old flat-chested little girl. She looked at least five years into puberty, but those budding flowers were hers and hers alone! His aggression toward her, his intrusions into her room, the times she had found him staring at her as she was awakened in fear had told her that she was safer on the streets; a habit she would never quite abandon.

Susan had told her mother about her brother’s behavior, but mama just explained it away as though big brother was just being over protective and instead accused Susan of having impure thoughts. She had even begun to question herself. In her heart, she knew though, that she was right and had never given her brother any reason to act in such a vile way! It had pushed her away from both of them, but she had her daddy!

Susan knew she dare not say a word to her father about her brother’s actions or apparent intentions. She knew her daddy would beat him, perhaps even kill him for having contemplated the awful-awful with his little sister. It was only the protective hand of her father that had allowed her to live in the same house with her brother and his adoring mother. Even Susan knew how much she had developed the capacity for alienation towards the ones she lived with and just accepted herself as having to live constantly in a survival mode. The nights were peaceful though for Susan. Her father was there and he loved her! He had always had a special affinity with her and he had made her strive to be a good girl, a good student and a good catholic. He was proud of her and she drew all her courage from his existence!

Then her world fell apart! “Papa!”

In the emergency room where Susan Chacon laid lifeless and still a nurse began to yell.

“She’s flat lining! I’ve got no pulse here!”

In the inner recesses of her mind, Susan was watching, repeated before her dimming eyes, the worst day of her life! Susan Chacon could see it all over again in her dying brain as she had seen it more

than 15 years before! She had never gotten over having found her father that way.


“I need some adrenaline over here STAT!” the doctor ordered back in the emergency room.


Back in her head, Susan could see her mother come in the bedroom where her daddy lay dead on the bed and heard her bitter mother begin to scream in a manner that resembled some Middle Eastern dirge, though she had treated him with disgust on a daily basis and just the night before. It all played back so realistically to Susan. She recalled thinking, as she had on that bitter morning, how her brother had not even come into the room! Her daddy had been so good lately, but there again as so many years before, Susan; her daddy’s baby girl was left lonely and bitter, staring unbelievably down at her blessed father lying dead in his bed.


As the emergency room doctors and nurses labored over Susan’s body, monitoring, injecting medications, checking vitals, the doctor took the large syringe full of adrenaline and tapped it and then pointed it downward toward here bare chest.

“Try the paddles first!”

The Medical Assistant held the paddles while the instrument charged.


The force of the electricity made Susan’s body leap into the air and caused the image she was seeing become momentarily hazy and broken.


As Susan’s life faded away in her own dying world she rejoined her recollections of the past. Her father had suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep. She remembered being unable to scream outwardly, and how she felt internally as she cried out so loudly in her head that it deafened all her senses and rendered her numb. She could not cry. She could not breathe! She turned and fled from the room that had just rendered her uniquely and utterly hopeless.


“We got nothing here, Doctor!”

The doctor looked down at Susan’s lifeless body as the heart monitor produced a flat green line across its screen and a low constant hum. He wondered if it was worth putting her through the adrenaline.


Susan had only had her daddy for the first 13 years of her life. The doctors had tried unsuccessfully to revive him, but it was useless. Susan could see the doctor arrive at her house and saw him turn over her daddy’s body. She saw a large bruised area on his back in the heart area where the blood had pooled. It was not fair! God had turned His sight from her. There was an evil spirit on her or she had not said the proper amount of ‘Hail Marie’s to protect her family from the curse of the evil eye? All she knew was that she had not kissed her daddy enough the night before. Had she hugged him? She was sure she had, but wanted to again, and now he was gone and she was alone. She ran right out of the house and saw her brother standing at the door. She knew he did not care! She knew he had not physically killed her daddy but she inwardly blamed him for it all! She stared at him with hatred for a few seconds and then ran away, running, which was something she would be characterized by for the rest of her life. Her race into binging on a little fooling around and forgetting that there was a real world that would only leave her exactly bitter, defiant, alone and overpowered and perhaps now, dead!

Susan was different than so many others. She was a mixture that took the eyes of men’s attention, even at her young and tender age; some out of appreciation of her beauty and others of more impure intentions, including those of her own brother. The envy of women out of the pure undefiled heart that beat in Susan’s developing chest made the women around her covetous, including her mother. She wore the eyes like that of a Latin Princess. She had come from the purest stock of the Mexican heritage, Mayan blood with a dark mystic tint of the beautiful women of Central America. Most women with a heavenly designed face like Susan’s would justifiably spend hours admiring themselves in a mirror, but not Susan. She now hated the beauty that was budding all over her. That which would normally make a blossoming woman rejoice was, for Susan, a reason to fear for her safety in her own home.


“Doctor, what do you want to do?” The doctor bent down and aimed the long needle at the area around Susan’s heart.


Susan started to hear the voices of the nurse and the doctor and the hum of the heart monitor, but she would not let herself be relieved of her sorrow and remorse long enough to rejoin the land of the living. She blamed herself for the evil that had befallen her family. She knew when men lusted after her. She always responded with a prayer her daddy had taught her, now prayer seemed totally worthless!

She blamed herself for it all! This was not the life she had expected. Her daddy was supposed to see his grandchildren one day! Now, she had given away both of his grandchildren! He would hate her and oh how she loved him! She wished he were there now to give her a reason to let her heart beat again! He needed to be there to give herself away to her husband one day! How would she know if she found the right man or not? She knew that if her daddy gave her away one day to any man that he would definitely be the right man. Now, how would she know? She decided that she did not need a man! She had also decided to kill her brother if he so much as looked at her with the lustful eyes she had learned to recognize! Now, the only man in her life was her 17-year-old brother who wished to revile her and steal her innocence away. She knew what would be her fate and she knew what she planned to be his final outcome! Her life could be worth something if she would give it to a worthy cause. His fate was a reason to be! Yet, right now, with her babies gone, her life a disaster, she was glad her daddy could not see her and feel the shame she felt!

Three months and five days into the loss of her daddy Susan saw fate take its next stride and saw her life go tumbling down with a knife in her right hand slamming downward again and again! She saw herself drop the knife that was stained with blood not so different from her own and fleeing, running, crying, living in fear and finally swimming across some river into a land of supposed safety. Then she heard a voice speaking to her. She knew that voice.


“Doctor, stop, we have a slight pulse!”

An officer had come over to the bed where Susan was hanging between life and death. Susan could hear him speaking to the nurse.

“I’m Officer Wallace Findings. I was at the scene where she was found. Is she dying?”

“Do you know her?” the doctor asked.

“Well, not well…yes, I know her.”

“She is closer to death than to life but she is trying to come back. We just got a slight pulse. I don’t want to do the adrenaline if I do not need to because she has lost so much blood it could cause her heart to explode, so try to talk her back, Officer.”

The sound of Officer Findings’ voice got Susan’s fleeting mind’s attention. It felt soft and warm and like he really cared, an emotion she had experienced little. She knew he was good and that he too had suffered a loss that he had not even known of yet.

“Susan, this is a friend. You know, I just got you back. I’ve been looking for you for months and now that I have you here I’d like to have you back…take care of you.”


Susan felt suddenly at peace. Findings’ voice gave her a strange feeling of safety. She wanted to see him and again she saw herself swimming; taking long and hard strokes to get to the other side. In her mind, she could see a figure waving to her and calling out to her.

“Susan! Susan, come on back! Don’t give up! I am here for you…!”

As she got closer to the other side she began to make out the image as the face of the father of her babies, the last man she had deceived, a man who deserved to know everything! In the world, circled around her body in the emergency room the doctor, the nurses and one sad and lonely police officer looked down at Susan as she fought her way back to life. The heart monitor recorded increased heart rhythm with periodic breaks in the rhythm.

“She’s fighting Officer. Keep on talking to her, she can hear you, don’t stop now!”


In the wealthy neighborhood of Palisades Park, Illinois a young couple pulled their car up to the door of their emotionally empty house. What they were bringing home today would fill the big house in a way it had never been since they had wed. A woman is helped out of the passenger seat with an infant in her arms. Little Jeffery was her baby; their child and he would never know the wiser! They would see to that!


Every time Susan’s heart would skip a beat she could feel someone pulling on her legs to draw her back to the land of the dying and she would kick it away. She could see herself looking back at one of the distress points in her journey back to life. When she turned her head she saw her brother, grimacing and tugging at her, screaming that he would avenge his death and pay her back for her actions against him! Behind him was a trail of men who had abused her and next to her brother was that evil doctor, the man who had left her for dead in that filthy place and the one who had lied to her and who had stolen away her babies! At the other side of her brother was Richie, her pimp. He was not smiling, not crying, not doing anything; sort of just along for the ride as he had always been! The scene made her swim faster and harder with deeper and longer strokes!


“Susan! That’s it!” Officer Findings pleaded with her as he watched the heart monitor. He could see her heart picking up its pace!

“Her heart is good, just had too much stress on it from the loss of blood and God only knows what she was seeing in her state!” the doctor wondered.

“Saw what? What do you mean?”

“She seemed to be reliving something because there were tears in her eyes and she just gave up at some point and the heart stopped!”

Findings thought about that for a second and began to cheer her forward again.


“Mr. Policeman! Help me! Please help me!” She could see Findings at the shore with his arms outstretched ready to take her to safety. Then she saw another man behind him and her heart began to race again and the rhythm started to become erratic again.


Findings saw the monitor recording the irregular heart activity. He turned and saw one of his fellow officers there.

“Doc, what are you doing here? You ain’t getting this one!”

“I am a doctor you know. I wanted to tell you that the second baby has died. Oh, I heard she was dying, sorry. Guess I heard wrong. She gonna make it?” the officer asked.

“You better believe it! But she saw you somehow, because the moment you walked up, her heart went crazy again! You mind…?”

“Are you out of your mind, Wall?”


The Forensic specialist and Findings’ best friend left the area around Susan’s bed. Susan looked forward again and saw that the other officer was gone and started to again swim toward Wallace Findings.


“That’s it! Come on! You’re gonna make it!” Finally, she reached the shore in her tunnel vision and took hold of Wallace Findings’ open hand. Suddenly a light began to shine so brightly that she was forced to open her eyes! She saw several hazy figures looking over her. After blinking several times and regaining her reality she could see the doctor and the emergency room staff and there was Findings; the one she had returned for. She was sure she would have never come back had he not showed up. She moved her eyes around and in the distance saw Doc, Findings’ friend. Her brow began to perspire and she began to shake in fear.

Findings followed her eyes and realized that she was looking at his friend Doc.

“Hey Doc, you gotta get outta here! She doesn’t like you very much for some reason.”

Doc looked perplexed and shrugged his shoulders and turned around and left the room. Susan calmed down opened her eyes and looked directly into Findings’ face.

“Oh, Officer I came back for you! I am sorry! Please forgive me!”

“Forgive you for what? Now you rest ok? We can talk about everything later. Right now you listen to these good people! You made them earn their money today!”

“Please do not leave me! Please…”

“I promise Susan, I am right here, just let them get you stabilized and I am right at your side!” The doctors were busy putting medications through her I.V., but Susan knew that her life was far from safe. She had come back to finally do one good thing before she died. She had no idea how vicious it would all become in the land of Babylon!


A car pulled up behind an orphanage called the Queen of Peace. The driver stopped the car and the administrative sister rushed out. The man in the passenger seat opened the back door and pulled out

an incubation chamber. He reached it out to the catholic sister. She stared at him and felt that strange feeling of guilt she had already so wonderfully learned to ignore.

“We will burn in hell for this!” she declared to the man before taking the chamber that held a newly-born little boy. The man looked at her unbelievably.

“Got bad feet does he? When he’s old enough we will put him to good use. The man gave the infant chamber to the nun and spoke angrily to her.

“You are right, you know!” he smiled at her. “You really will burn in hell!”

The woman snatched the baby away and turned in anger and walked quickly towards the door. The man screamed back at her.

“He’ll find a name! Everyone deserves a name you witch! I hope he grows up and kills you and your evil partners!”

The nun turned around at the door and stared back at the man then entered the orphanage. The man got in the car and it sped away. The nun took the infant to a crib in a room with a huge cross on the wall. It cast a shadow like a dagger being thrust into the child’s heart, this child with no name, no future and so much like a child who was lost, alone, stillborn!

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Patriot Acts Prologue - Iran, The Root Of Terror

I think readers will get hooked onto Patriot Acts' s plausible depth. I really think it is very timely with the world at large. Read the Prologue from my novel, Patriot Acts. Read it and then ask yourself if you really want your President to sit down unconditionally with nations such as Iran. I do have an intense story to tell in this new work in progress, Patriot Acts. It is only scary, because you know it can happen. 
Patriot Acts
"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.
This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs
from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."
Abraham Lincoln
There are some stark days ahead for the United States of America in its efforts to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from developing nuclear weapons. There is an intrinsic need to deal with Iran, which is in the process of building nuclear reactors and enriching uranium that it says would be used for its energy needs. Now, we see that this nation has been thrust upon the world stage and is at the center of international debate regarding its nuclear ambitions. Therefore, it is only logical that we should take a look at whether this fanatical, Shiite state should be allowed to possess such technology. Does a land that is sitting on a sea of oil really have energy needs that could not be met by its massive reserve of crude? Would it be wise to trust the nation that launched the present wave of terror in 1979 and which continues to sweep through the world. Preparations for war are simply the only things to do if Iran is allowed to become a nuclear power. Can we continue to work closely with any nation, such as Russia, that would help Iran achieve this goal? These are questions that must be answered.

During the past years, The United States has made advances toward Iran, offering them some alternatives to building the bomb. There are many reasons stated why America would want to offer such carrots to Iran. One reason is that America has to show it's wimpiest "Allies" that the American people are ready to offer cooperation with them and to renew alliances that were strained, by the war in Iraq. We will offer olive branches to Iran with an effort to appease them while Russia presses ahead in its provision of nuclear fuel to Iran. It is my opinion that the United Nations, which is neither united nor a nation, undoubtedly has nothing to say about anything regarding any subject, but these are the moves that must be made towards war in a world in love with the fantasy of peace. In addition, America has to buy time to get Iraq somewhat stabilized so that we can have the troops available for round three in the war on terror.

Finally, there is a growing movement of revolutionary fervor building in Iran itself for real freedom. They are not crying out for "Western" style freedom. For, no nation on the face of the Earth has a copyright of the cravings of liberty in the heart of man. So, there is no room for a breather. There is no way to take a vacation. There is no alternative to taking these evil men from power so that we can keep the world safe for civilization! Let all these maneuvers come as they must, but rest assured, even now, inside the halls of the various offices of strategy in the United States, War plans are being played out for a strike against the Tehran Terrorist regime, as we speak. Any responsible defender of the nation could do no less. If such war plans are not, as of yet in motion, then we are all in big trouble, because there can be no victory in the war on terror without taking out the main sponsors of this diabolical war.

The government of Iran must be removed. Just look at what Iran has produced in the world since its founding as the first major terrorist government in the world in 1979. Fundamentally, Iran's ideological doctrine, its strategic goals and its political craving to control the Middle East have not changed since Khomeini's ascent to power in 1979. In short, Iran has employed terrorism as its weapon of choice since the beginning of the revolutionary Islamic regime. Terrorism is a State sponsored weapon of Iranian foreign policy. America will fight in a two-fronted war; one with an Islamic

Yael Shahar, ICT Researcher of the History of Iranian Sponsored Terrorism wrote that since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, terrorism has served the regime of the ayatollahs as a tool of both domestic and foreign policy. This policy was directed against Iranian citizens inside Iran, as well as against those with opposition views in exile. Iran's sponsorship of terrorism has bridged ideological gaps and political divides; Teheran has provided arms and training to such groups as the Gama'a al-Islamiyah, the Egyptian al-Jihad, and the Algerian G.I.A. Al-Qaeda too, has benefited from Iranian support and expertise for more than a decade. More recently, this support has taken the form of free passage for al-Qaeda terrorists seeking to establish a foothold in Lebanon. There are also signs that al-Qaeda has sought the help of Iran in deepening it involvement in Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

The triumph of the Iranian revolution in February, 1979 kindled a burst of radical actions by Iran that only merit the infamous title State-sponsored terrorism. These include kidnappings, sanctioned and sponsored by the Iranian government itself, such as the taking of American hostages in the first years of the revolution, and reputed Iranian support for and suspected direct involvement in Hezbollah operations in Lebanon, including the bombings of U.S. installations and hostage-taking throughout the 1980s. There is no evidence that Iranian policy has changed, and Iran continues both to provide significant support to terrorist organizations and to assassinate dissidents abroad."

During the Iran-Iraq War, Iran pursued a strategy of maritime terror, using unmarked gunboats and floating mines to attack noncombatant shipping. Numerous assassinations of enemies abroad in the late 1980s and 1990s were widely and persuasively attributed to Iranian official sponsorship, and Iran was accused of sponsoring operations by other militant organizations, such as the Argentinean bombings of 1992 and 1994 and the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing, attributed to Hezbollah organizations in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Iran is currently suspected of supporting terrorist acts against Israel through its support of radical Palestinian factions.

We may never have all the facts about many of the terrorist incidents for which Iran has been accused. Assuming, however, that the following discussion of Iran's record on terrorism and the main driving forces of that record are at least roughly accurate, certain conclusions can be drawn about Iranian policy on terrorism, the direction in which it is headed today, and possible U.S. responses.

Iran remains the ideological center of the America-hatred pervading the Islamic Middle East. That theocracy began warring with America when its rulers took 52 Americans hostage in 1979. Highlights of Iran's terrorism on Americans include the bombing and murder of 241 Marines in Beirut in 1983 and the killing of 19 US servicemen bombed at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996. More recently, Iran is known to harbor Al Qaeda operatives who orchestrated the bombing of a Western residential compound in Saudi Arabia in 1993 that killed nine Americans. Iran sends Islamic agitators and militants into both US-controlled Iraq and Afghanistan, and sponsors such terrorist groups as Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Lebanon, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

In January 2002, Israel confiscated 50 tons of weapons to the terrorist Palestinian Authority from a ship from Iran. A month before this, former Iranian "President" Hashemi Rafsanjani stated publicly that when the Islamic world has nuclear weapons "The strategy of the West will hit a dead end, since a single atomic bomb has the power to completely destroy Israel." Is not this one quotation from the actual president of Iran enough to do everything needed to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal? In 1993 an Iranian opposition group discovered another secret nuclear facility in Natanz, undoubtedly part of Iran's advanced nuclear weapons program.

It is obvious that Iran is the root of Islamic terrorism. Only in destroying this country's theocracy could we finally declare a major victory in the war on terrorists. Meanwhile, the Iranian rebels fight to establish a government that that will be secular in nature but Islamic in principle. They desire free speech nationwide general strikes have been held in the country with the hope of bringing about the end for their ruling mullahs and ayatollahs. As long as the Iran of today continues, the war on Terror will never end. Furthermore, if this terrorist regime is allowed to possess a nuclear bomb there will be a very good chance the war on terror will be lost.

These are just a few facts that reveal that the next war has to be with Iran. Though the dangers now revolving around North Korea are explosive indeed, the most pressing area of concern on the globe is Iran. Fear is a lullaby that puts us fatally, fast to sleep. America may well be playing the song and dance, but there is every indication that war in the land of fanatical Shiites is looming on the horizon. It is OK to dance with a harmless bad dancer. Stepped-on toes can be mended but it is a fatal mistake to dance with someone who holds a knife to your back. Ambassador Thomas McNamara, U.S. Coordinator for Counter-terrorism has stated that, "Our problem is not with Islam," he said. "It is with those who use violence and terror to advance their political objectives." I would only add that radical Islam is all about terrorism as its weapon of control. There can be no compromising with those in Islam who have caused that religion to mutate into a cultish brood of blood-thirsty vermin. There is no alternative to removing them. There is no room for fear or fatigue. There will be no peace until all the terror-supporting nations have been routed and their governments destroyed.

America is wise to make sure that all its assets are in place. Yet, if America allows Iran to possess nuclear weapons, it will face the same writing on the wall that a biblical king of Persia, (Iran), once faced which spelled his demise. It read, "You have been measured with scales and been found wanting!" Does the west love its freedom? Is America willing to take the measures that without which will render the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq useless? I predict we will take out this rogue regime and the world and America will be far better for it. For the absence of war does not equal peace. Refusal of war will most definitely spell defeat!

The absence of war does not equal peace.

Steven Clark Bradley lived abroad for over 17 years and has been to 34 countries, including Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. He has a master's degree in liberal studies from Indiana University. He speaks French and Turkish. He has been an assistant to a prosecutor, a university instructor and a freelance journalist in Ramallah, Palistine, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan. Steven is the author of three novels, Nimrod Rising, Probable Cause and Stillborn!

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Is Nimrod Rising...?

I live in California. I am still trying to figure out how amending the California Constitution can be unconstitutional. There has never been any shortage of weird and obtuse views on the basic issues that rule our lives. Yet, though the California constitution has never included any language protecting the so-called right of Gays and lesbians to marry, and we made sure that it would not ever include such a law when seven million of us California voters vote to keep marriage as an institution only between a man and a woman. One would have thought that the people's will could not be thwarted, by one single judge, who just happens to be gay himself.

US District Court Judge Vaughn Walker somehow managed to rewrite it with the swiftness of diabolical fervor. I am not shocked by the ruling. It is inevitable that a nation that no longer cleaves to its original fundamental principles is bound to reach and achieve the obtuse and the socially suicidal.

Obama has already taken the next infamous step and made the outcry against the gay lifestyle a hate crime. This ruling cuts to the heart of what the freedom enshrined in the constitution is all about. It means the voice of the voters always trumps the will of any judge. We reject your unabashed rejection of this judge's ruling. Such anti-democratic judges and other elected and appointed thugs do injustice to the purpose and rights safeguarded in the document that now means nothing to the nation's leaders.

Perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that social views toward gay marriage have truly changed. Though there is a majority of Americans who still stand against such a deal-breaking ruling, the truth is that Americans are losing their resolve to fight the moves that are squarely aimed at destroying the constitution, and the nation.

It is clear that America is more than simply toying with the total restructuring of society. Indeed, the leaders of the nation, both the immoral and a public too afraid to say so, have taken us down a road toward oblivion.

The United States of America shall never fall from a foreign war. In fact, terrorist attacks will never succeed in bringing down the nation. The war at home now being waged by domestic social terrorists pose the gravest danger of all and they are poised to take the government by storm and to implement their evil breed of treachery. Do not be deceived and do not place yourself or your family at the precipice of the slippery slope of Gay Marriage!

Now, read my article on the very controversial subject of Gay Marriage and you decide, is Nimrod even now Rising right before our eyes?

Is Nimrod Rising...? by Author Steven Clark Bradley

Today, the cultural battle now rocking America concerning marriage and the right of homosexual males and females to have recognition of same-sex marriages is considered by many to be a virtual attack on civilization as we know it. Today, thirty-seven states and the federal government have laws that refuse to recognize gay marriages. In almost all polls taken on this subject, Americans oppose legalizing gay marriage by a 2-1 ratio. Nevertheless, gay marriage is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

At stake is whether the legal benefits of marriage should be extended to same-sex couples on such issues as child custody, extended adoption rights, tax benefits and medical care. Yet, the issues at stake here are culturally and religiously greater than any of the financial arguments that could be presented. Same-sex marriage threatens not just our way of life, but our very civilization. At the very least, same-sex marriage threatens the future of all marriage between people who hold to traditional values throughout the world. We know this because marriage is a timeless institution, and though there have always been relationships between gay individuals, the institution of marriage has always been recognized by the ruling authorities and by society at large as a union between a man and a woman. As marriage is the very foundation of society, tinkering with something so fundamental is surely dangerous and suicidal.

Advocates for gay marriage would argue that the truth is that same-sex marriage has a long and distinguished history. Judaic scripture, for instance, indicates that same-sex marriages were recognized in ancient Egypt. Of course, it's no secret that the ancient decadent Greeks and Romans eventually recognized homosexual marriage, not to mention imperial China and some Native American tribes and a host of other peoples living around the world. These voices fail to state that it is well noted by virtue of these cultures' disappearance from existence can be traced as being preceded by this culturally defaming practice. The movement's advocates state that there is no evidence that recognizing same sex marriage will destroy our country. They indicate, without historical evidence to back them up, that in fact, thousands of years of Egyptian, Roman, and Chinese civilization point to the opposite. In addition, these same adherents of the practice of gay marriage also claim that there is even evidence that the Catholic Church recognized same-sex marriage in the early Middle Ages. In fact, Scholars dispute widely whether any such proposed unions could actually be called marriages, and there is no evidence that the Church conducted formal ceremonies to recognize the bond between same-sex partners. The official Catholic encyclopedia defines marriage as, "The legitimate union between husband and wife. "Legitimate" indicates the sanction of some kind of law, natural, evangelical, or civil, while the phrase, "husband and wife", implies mutual rights of sexual intercourse, life in common, and an enduring union." The words "husband and wife" can only be interpreted as describing a male and a female. Even in the recent illicit and illegal same-sex ceremonies held in San Francisco the two participants are described as "Applicant One and Applicant Two". This is in great contrast to the Church's opposition to homosexuality itself let alone a supposed Church endorsement of same-sex unions being accepted by the church's leadership.

Therefore, the acceptance of this heretofore-unacceptable practice threatens to shake social norms right down to their foundations. To gay rights advocates, the movement toward gay marriages is the beginning of an inevitable civil rights battle that will lead to gay couples being treated the same as heterosexual couples. To opponents of gay marriage, it shows how judges twist rulings to fit their own beliefs, regardless of the law or public opinion. I would like to demonstrate what has brought America to the point of accepting such an historical and social taboo that could result in tossing civilization into the same ash-heap of history as all nations who have ventured down this path of no return.

The legal implications will most certainly present obstacles to other states taking the same action as this culture-breaking ruling by the Massachusetts State Supreme Court. The issue could wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court. It is clear that the supporters of gay marriage have chosen to use the activist courts to accomplish their goals. They have realized that society opposes, by a large majority, the practice of same-sex marriage and that they could never accomplish their goals by taking the route of state legislatures or by congress. This is evidenced by the complete lack of any laws from any state legislature to allow marriage between people of the same sex. Society's strong opposition to gay marriage was declared without doubt in a CBS poll taken right after the Massachusetts Court ruling.

In that poll, it was determined that despite Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that the state could not deny gays and lesbians the right to marry, Americans continued to oppose laws allowing homosexual couples to marry or to form civil unions and the number opposing gay marriage is higher now than it was in July before the Massachusetts action. The CBS poll revealed that 61 percent of respondents said they were against gay marriage. That is an increase from 55 percent in July, and only 34 percent said they favor gay marriage, which was down from 40 percent five months earlier. Also, the public reversed itself on the overall question of same-sex relations. Half now think homosexual relations between consenting adults should not be legal. This is a reversal of opinion from the summer, when a majority of Americans thought gay relationships should be legal. More than half now favor an amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Therefore, the various liberal courts, and in particular in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in complete disregard for the rights and the wishes of our Republic at large, have opened the door to this Pandora's box that once opened, will never be closed again short of a constitutional amendment to ban this socially rejected form of relationship. Don Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association, a group in Tupelo, Mississippi that opposes gay marriage stated, "In today's judicial climate, no law is safe,"

Does this mean that homosexuals should not be afforded the same rights as heterosexuals? The laws that prohibit discrimination, contrary to the vast interpretation and understanding of Americans, apply to all people in the country. It is true that these laws have been, to the large extent, applied to minorities based on race who have been historically denied their constitutional rights. Nevertheless, affirmative action laws can be and have been applied to all groups and have been used as a remedy to those who have been singled out resulting in the loss of a job, the denial of the purchase of a dwelling or any other discriminatory action against them.

Therefore, there are already laws on the books that protect gays from discrimination and they cannot claim the status of being an unprotected minority. This leads to the need of a clear definition of what constitutes a minority group. A person who is a genuine member of a minority group is someone who is such by virtue of their birth. African-Americans are such because they were born into a group of Americans that have a historical heritage of being denied their inalienable rights as Americans. Americans such as this have no remedy except the law to correct centuries of inhumane and unlawful actions. Homosexuals, on the other hand, have recourse to their status. They can choose not to be gay or to remain single. In effect, they can choose not to practice their lifestyle whereas an African-American who is discriminated against cannot cease to be black in a racist society.

Also, there is no determinative or conclusive scientific research to show that homosexuality is a result of birth. In fact, all research in this area has shown that all babies are born either male or female and that there is no "Third sex" resulting in homosexuality. Though studies have been carried out in hormonal differences between males and females at birth, no evidence has been found that homosexuality is predetermined in the womb. WorldNet Daily columnist Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education told WorldNet Daily, "There appears to be a political agenda behind a UCLA study, and three earlier ones promoted as scientific breakthroughs "proving" homosexuals are born as gay and that the lifestyle is not chosen.

Reisman called the genetic research, "an outrageous farce" and said the researchers had repudiated each after the studies became well known news pieces. Ms. Reisman also stated one of the studies' researchers were even discovered to have written promotional articles in support of pedophile publications. "These discoveries lend credence to the idea that being transgender - feeling that one has been born into the body of the wrong sex - is a state of mind," she said. Therefore this lifestyle is one that is chosen and not genetically imposed upon an individual. Therefore, homosexuals already benefit from existing laws and cannot claim that they are a minority group and have the same rights as blacks and other recognized groups who have no other recourse except legislation.

The implications of the acceptance of gay marriage are profound. Another argument used by proponents of gay marriage is to have the right of inheritance and of being natural beneficiaries in a relationship. Most of the concerns stated by gays in long-term relationships are of no concern at all since such protections already exist and are simply statements to play to the hearts of heterosexuals within America. For example, inheritance is no issue at all because anyone can leave anything to anybody or to any group or to anything that is dully recorded and notarized in an official document.

This is a non-issue in that the same rights are afforded to gay couples as to non-gay couples. Gay couples can make their partners beneficiaries of life insurance policies and can leave their entire fortunes to them if they so wish without marriage rights having been afforded to them. It is the determination of individual employers to grant or forbid homosexual partners of their employees as co-beneficiaries of such employment benefits such as health insurance. Many companies such as Disney and the Chicago civil servants already do so. If employers are forced to grant spousal benefits to gay couples, what will follow next? Will couples who live together outside of marriage be afforded the same rights and if not, why?

There seems to be no end to the deluge of culturally altering implications. Concerning adoption issues, gays have already adopted children, which is regarded by many studies to be a very unhealthy practice for the children concerned and which runs contrary to most sociological research in this area. Nevertheless, this is a practice that has been in existence for some time.
Finally, if gay marriage becomes legal and imposed upon an opposing society, will the next step be polygamy and what about bestiality?

There are today several court cases concerning polygamy pending in courts across the country. There could be nothing more degrading to women and nothing that could cause women to digress in the rights they have fought for more than polygamy, which is the natural next step to the legalization of gay marriage. If there are no accepted or unaccepted standards for our country, where will we be able to draw a line when no line exists? Marriage is a sacred institution.

Though heterosexuals have done a poor job of maintaining this historic relationship between a man and a woman, the failure of heterosexuals to live out the sanctity of it is not an argument for repudiating it. This is the most divisive issue facing America today. It will draw battle lines as no other issue has ever done. It is up to those who love society and love this land to hold the institutions that have formed civilization as far back as Buddha, Abraham, Mohammed and Christ.

This issue transcends all religions and all faiths should stand ready to fight it. It forces one to pose the question of whether the Constitution of the United States truly espouses such obtuse ideas that go against every civilized society in the history of mankind. If the constitution actually does imply support for such an issue and others like this one then perhaps those of us who care about family and traditional values must ask ourselves if we are willing to pledge undying devotion and allegiance to such a document.

It is the view of those of us who stand in opposition to gay marriage that the Constitution of the United States, in no manner, prescribes such rights for our nation. Yet, if the Constitution is determined to do so, are we who love our children and the continuation of our civilization prepared to defend a country that forces us to accept such a deviant society till death do us part?

Steven Clark Bradley lived abroad for over 17 years and has been to 34 countries, including Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. He has a master's degree in liberal studies from Indiana University. He speaks French and Turkish. He has been an assistant to a prosecutor, a university instructor and a freelance journalist in Ramallah, Palistine, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan. Steven is the author of three novels, Nimrod Rising, Probable Cause and Stillborn!

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