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Patriot Acts Prologue - Iran, The Root Of Terror

I think readers will get hooked onto Patriot Acts' s plausible depth. I really think it is very timely with the world at large. Read the Prologue from my novel, Patriot Acts. Read it and then ask yourself if you really want your President to sit down unconditionally with nations such as Iran. I do have an intense story to tell in this new work in progress, Patriot Acts. It is only scary, because you know it can happen. 
Patriot Acts
"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.
This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs
from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."
Abraham Lincoln
There are some stark days ahead for the United States of America in its efforts to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from developing nuclear weapons. There is an intrinsic need to deal with Iran, which is in the process of building nuclear reactors and enriching uranium that it says would be used for its energy needs. Now, we see that this nation has been thrust upon the world stage and is at the center of international debate regarding its nuclear ambitions. Therefore, it is only logical that we should take a look at whether this fanatical, Shiite state should be allowed to possess such technology. Does a land that is sitting on a sea of oil really have energy needs that could not be met by its massive reserve of crude? Would it be wise to trust the nation that launched the present wave of terror in 1979 and which continues to sweep through the world. Preparations for war are simply the only things to do if Iran is allowed to become a nuclear power. Can we continue to work closely with any nation, such as Russia, that would help Iran achieve this goal? These are questions that must be answered.

During the past years, The United States has made advances toward Iran, offering them some alternatives to building the bomb. There are many reasons stated why America would want to offer such carrots to Iran. One reason is that America has to show it's wimpiest "Allies" that the American people are ready to offer cooperation with them and to renew alliances that were strained, by the war in Iraq. We will offer olive branches to Iran with an effort to appease them while Russia presses ahead in its provision of nuclear fuel to Iran. It is my opinion that the United Nations, which is neither united nor a nation, undoubtedly has nothing to say about anything regarding any subject, but these are the moves that must be made towards war in a world in love with the fantasy of peace. In addition, America has to buy time to get Iraq somewhat stabilized so that we can have the troops available for round three in the war on terror.

Finally, there is a growing movement of revolutionary fervor building in Iran itself for real freedom. They are not crying out for "Western" style freedom. For, no nation on the face of the Earth has a copyright of the cravings of liberty in the heart of man. So, there is no room for a breather. There is no way to take a vacation. There is no alternative to taking these evil men from power so that we can keep the world safe for civilization! Let all these maneuvers come as they must, but rest assured, even now, inside the halls of the various offices of strategy in the United States, War plans are being played out for a strike against the Tehran Terrorist regime, as we speak. Any responsible defender of the nation could do no less. If such war plans are not, as of yet in motion, then we are all in big trouble, because there can be no victory in the war on terror without taking out the main sponsors of this diabolical war.

The government of Iran must be removed. Just look at what Iran has produced in the world since its founding as the first major terrorist government in the world in 1979. Fundamentally, Iran's ideological doctrine, its strategic goals and its political craving to control the Middle East have not changed since Khomeini's ascent to power in 1979. In short, Iran has employed terrorism as its weapon of choice since the beginning of the revolutionary Islamic regime. Terrorism is a State sponsored weapon of Iranian foreign policy. America will fight in a two-fronted war; one with an Islamic

Yael Shahar, ICT Researcher of the History of Iranian Sponsored Terrorism wrote that since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, terrorism has served the regime of the ayatollahs as a tool of both domestic and foreign policy. This policy was directed against Iranian citizens inside Iran, as well as against those with opposition views in exile. Iran's sponsorship of terrorism has bridged ideological gaps and political divides; Teheran has provided arms and training to such groups as the Gama'a al-Islamiyah, the Egyptian al-Jihad, and the Algerian G.I.A. Al-Qaeda too, has benefited from Iranian support and expertise for more than a decade. More recently, this support has taken the form of free passage for al-Qaeda terrorists seeking to establish a foothold in Lebanon. There are also signs that al-Qaeda has sought the help of Iran in deepening it involvement in Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

The triumph of the Iranian revolution in February, 1979 kindled a burst of radical actions by Iran that only merit the infamous title State-sponsored terrorism. These include kidnappings, sanctioned and sponsored by the Iranian government itself, such as the taking of American hostages in the first years of the revolution, and reputed Iranian support for and suspected direct involvement in Hezbollah operations in Lebanon, including the bombings of U.S. installations and hostage-taking throughout the 1980s. There is no evidence that Iranian policy has changed, and Iran continues both to provide significant support to terrorist organizations and to assassinate dissidents abroad."

During the Iran-Iraq War, Iran pursued a strategy of maritime terror, using unmarked gunboats and floating mines to attack noncombatant shipping. Numerous assassinations of enemies abroad in the late 1980s and 1990s were widely and persuasively attributed to Iranian official sponsorship, and Iran was accused of sponsoring operations by other militant organizations, such as the Argentinean bombings of 1992 and 1994 and the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing, attributed to Hezbollah organizations in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Iran is currently suspected of supporting terrorist acts against Israel through its support of radical Palestinian factions.

We may never have all the facts about many of the terrorist incidents for which Iran has been accused. Assuming, however, that the following discussion of Iran's record on terrorism and the main driving forces of that record are at least roughly accurate, certain conclusions can be drawn about Iranian policy on terrorism, the direction in which it is headed today, and possible U.S. responses.

Iran remains the ideological center of the America-hatred pervading the Islamic Middle East. That theocracy began warring with America when its rulers took 52 Americans hostage in 1979. Highlights of Iran's terrorism on Americans include the bombing and murder of 241 Marines in Beirut in 1983 and the killing of 19 US servicemen bombed at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996. More recently, Iran is known to harbor Al Qaeda operatives who orchestrated the bombing of a Western residential compound in Saudi Arabia in 1993 that killed nine Americans. Iran sends Islamic agitators and militants into both US-controlled Iraq and Afghanistan, and sponsors such terrorist groups as Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Lebanon, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

In January 2002, Israel confiscated 50 tons of weapons to the terrorist Palestinian Authority from a ship from Iran. A month before this, former Iranian "President" Hashemi Rafsanjani stated publicly that when the Islamic world has nuclear weapons "The strategy of the West will hit a dead end, since a single atomic bomb has the power to completely destroy Israel." Is not this one quotation from the actual president of Iran enough to do everything needed to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal? In 1993 an Iranian opposition group discovered another secret nuclear facility in Natanz, undoubtedly part of Iran's advanced nuclear weapons program.

It is obvious that Iran is the root of Islamic terrorism. Only in destroying this country's theocracy could we finally declare a major victory in the war on terrorists. Meanwhile, the Iranian rebels fight to establish a government that that will be secular in nature but Islamic in principle. They desire free speech nationwide general strikes have been held in the country with the hope of bringing about the end for their ruling mullahs and ayatollahs. As long as the Iran of today continues, the war on Terror will never end. Furthermore, if this terrorist regime is allowed to possess a nuclear bomb there will be a very good chance the war on terror will be lost.

These are just a few facts that reveal that the next war has to be with Iran. Though the dangers now revolving around North Korea are explosive indeed, the most pressing area of concern on the globe is Iran. Fear is a lullaby that puts us fatally, fast to sleep. America may well be playing the song and dance, but there is every indication that war in the land of fanatical Shiites is looming on the horizon. It is OK to dance with a harmless bad dancer. Stepped-on toes can be mended but it is a fatal mistake to dance with someone who holds a knife to your back. Ambassador Thomas McNamara, U.S. Coordinator for Counter-terrorism has stated that, "Our problem is not with Islam," he said. "It is with those who use violence and terror to advance their political objectives." I would only add that radical Islam is all about terrorism as its weapon of control. There can be no compromising with those in Islam who have caused that religion to mutate into a cultish brood of blood-thirsty vermin. There is no alternative to removing them. There is no room for fear or fatigue. There will be no peace until all the terror-supporting nations have been routed and their governments destroyed.

America is wise to make sure that all its assets are in place. Yet, if America allows Iran to possess nuclear weapons, it will face the same writing on the wall that a biblical king of Persia, (Iran), once faced which spelled his demise. It read, "You have been measured with scales and been found wanting!" Does the west love its freedom? Is America willing to take the measures that without which will render the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq useless? I predict we will take out this rogue regime and the world and America will be far better for it. For the absence of war does not equal peace. Refusal of war will most definitely spell defeat!

The absence of war does not equal peace.

Steven Clark Bradley lived abroad for over 17 years and has been to 34 countries, including Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. He has a master's degree in liberal studies from Indiana University. He speaks French and Turkish. He has been an assistant to a prosecutor, a university instructor and a freelance journalist in Ramallah, Palistine, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan. Steven is the author of three novels, Nimrod Rising, Probable Cause and Stillborn!

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