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Take A Profound Look at Tragedy in Tin Can Holler by Author Rozetta Mowery

Tragedy in Tin Can Holler
by Author Rozetta Mowery
You have got to read this captivating, true story of a family's past transgressions revealing a serial killer during the great depression, incest and child abuse, lies and betrayals and domestic violence buried for decades! The vicious murder of the author's mother haunted her for 48 years, but discovering the truth about her mother's murder was just the tip of the iceberg. Her story is spell-bounding as she unveils the hidden secrets that shocked the residents of 3 counties in southeast Tennessee.

Did you ever wonder about your parents’, grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ past? Did you ever wonder about the skeletons that are hanging in your family closet? Rozetta did! Her father murdered her mother in a place called Tin Can Holler when she was only seven years old and she spent over twelve years of her childhood in abusive foster homes. Her mother’s horrible death and disfigurement by the hands of her father always haunted her. Discovering why her father murdered her mother was just the tip of the iceberg. When a person brutally murders someone they proclaim to love, it makes you question that person’s past and their upbringing. Rozetta had no knowledge of her father’s background or his family, but her instincts told her there had to be more to the story. She searched for the truth. Uncovering the nightmarish details of her family’s past transgressions, traumatized Rozetta and shocked the residents of three counties in southeast Tennessee.
A Book Review of
Tragedy in Tin Can Holler
by Author Rozetta Mowery

Tragedy in Tin Can Holler is a riveting, well-researched, well-documented account of author Rozetta Mowery's family history, leading up to and following the tragic death of her beloved mother, Eliza Mae Robinson Mowery in Tin Can Holler, Tennessee. Eliza was kicked and beaten to death by Rozetta's father, Seig Mowery. Even after the reader has become acquainted with Seig Mowery's serial-killing mother, Grace Sims and her reign of terror, Seig's crime is every bit as shocking and heinous. The subsequent effects on Rozetta and her five siblings are excruciatingly painful, yet important, to read. And, if the brutal death of her mother were not enough, the lies and grotesque distortions of truth by her father to avoid the punishment he deserved, make Mowery's story all the more compelling.

While sadly, there are far too many families with stories to parallel Mowery's, it is not all too often that we are allowed such an intimate and up-close glimpse into the histo
ry of a particular family, enabling us to see how, in this case, spousal abuse, alcoholism, drug use, criminal behavior and much more are carried on from generation to generation.

In my opinion, the most importan
t thing that anyone can take away from reading Tragedy in Tin Can Holler, is to understand that whether or not such sickness is learned or is biological (or a combination of the two), it will carry swiftly and without regret to future generations if not understood and if not stopped. As the author herself has accomplished so much and has reigned triumphant, her story is not without hope and inspiration to us all. Rozetta Mowery's story shows that we do not have to carry on the grim legacy of those who came before us.

Most people would not have done what Rozetta did. The family secrets would have remained with the ghosts who haunt the ridge where her grandmother disposed of her victims. Tragedy in Tin Can Holler is the story of a back woods family who did unspeakable horrors beginning more than a century before the author was born. It's also a story of understanding and forgiveness. Rozetta is a woman of special grace and her book shines with the perspective of someone who's triumphed over the most horrifying tragedy imaginable. By writing her story she hopes to rectify the sins of her father, break the family curse and spread her message about the dangers of domestic violence and the horrible aftermath of what happens to the children.

Today, Rozetta is an advocate speaker against domestic violence, a spokesperson for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and the Holston United Methodist Home for Children. She assists with fundraisers that support domestic violence programs and shelters for victims of domestic abuse.

I have had a chance to get to know this powerful writer and advocate for the the many abused and the haunted of spirit. In a day when children disappear at a greatly alarming rate, when parents and children are at each other's throats and and when many of the moral values we have always cherished seem to be in steep decline, Rosetta Mowery's account of her real-life nightmare is a must read.

All of our families have indelible moments that have been kept from us, by our parents. No one wants to bring out into the public, some of our ancestors' most heinous crimes. That is why I respect Ros
etta's willingness to use her moment of sheer anguish to help so many who are now living similar disasters in their lives. She can only be acclaimed for her efforts to help those who are haunted by such grievous experiences in their lives. So, I hope you will get a copy of Rosetta Mowery's power true story and share it with others after you've read it. Some things we do for entertainment, writing this book is the same as doing the work of God.
Steven Clark Bradley
Author of Patriot Acts, Nimrod Rising, StillBorn! & Probable Cause

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If you think you might be in an abusive relationship please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) or your local domestic violence center to talk with someone about it.