Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Steps Toward Gomorrah...Part Two

"Full of complex machinations and apocalyptic visions of a possible future, Nimrod Rising! is a thought provoking work of epic proportions. Steven Bradley has shown us a different, and quite frankly, a frightening way to look at world events. His characters show a depth and complexity that bring them to life in our world, and show an eerie similarity to many of today’s world leaders. Reading the newspaper will never be the same again"

Ronald W. Adams, Author of
Key Lime Squeeze Enspiren Press

Steps Toward Gomorrah...Part Two By Steven Clark Bradley

The nation seemed worn out, wearing visages of the excessively burdened, overly paranoid and completely severed as a people and ravaged by rage. They seemed ready to sell their historic birthright for a mess of new-age porridge; ready to give away their liberty for the gods of peace, prosperity, promiscuity and security!

This highly technologically advanced society seemed to have taken on a life of its own; transforming its citizens into its slaves of self, imprisoned by their own need of self-gratification. The American people now serviced the system rather than the other way around. Was it all an accident? Was this simply the natural evolution of a free and forward-looking people or was this all a conspiracy; a well tooled and orchestrated game of Sodom killing Gomorrah? Issues such as surveillance, environment, social upheavals, genetic mutations, Same-sex marriage, Cyber-space technology, scandal ridden political leaders and new age religions seemed to rob the land of any vestige of the country that had once existed.

Since the Swarm had overrun the world, new laws curtailing freedom of movement, speech and assembly had been passed by the United State’s Congress and signed by the President with no other alternative available. The public had generally accepted these measures. It was not so much that the people were oblivious to their reduced rights. It was also not so much that they agreed with the provisions, which ran roughshod over the constitution. The key to the lack of civil unrest was that there was no other way to achieve even a semblance security without the Patriot Act. It was deemed as logical steps to save the nation. What everyone failed to ask was the fact that if such measures were required to save the American nation then, wasn’t the nation gone already?

The world seemed to have shrunk. New sets of priorities, norms and values appeared in the newspapers, magazines and on the television screens. The government seemed to be in collusion with forces that were, though unseen and intangible, very real as to their impact on the daily lives of the people. The primary goal had become the changing of the basic values, principles and precepts that had governed the lives of the United States since its inception of liberty as a nation. The nation had so ridden itself of the burdens of righteous adherence to a righteous God that when a righteous President had come to power he was ridiculed, maligned, hated and found it impossible to pull the nation back.

The need of keeping track of five billion people throughout the world had also become a major priority. From vacuum tube computers as large as city blocks and containing as little as 64K memory, recent giant advances in computer technology such as chips as small as a fingernail and containing massive amounts of gigabytes of ram now made the Star Wars phenomenon obsolete and ancient in comparison. Computer technological development had now made it possible to track the world’s population within ten feet of its location. The Swarm of evil urchins and their maze of infiltration caused all of these measures to become needed and unquestionably accepted by the masses.
Population control had always remained a sacrosanct secret in the public eye. Nevertheless, the programs, steps and various avenues of raising the acceptability of the experimental inserted chip had been often discussed and proposed during annual, bi-annual a quarterly conferences and meetings of such groups as the Bildeburgers, World Bank, The Trilateral Commission and meetings of several Environmental groups and the Swarm’s circle. Several ways of achieving the goals of these social engineers were discussed in these secret meetings.

When asked if he would support the development of Smart card and the inserted chip under the skin, President Bill Clinton stated categorically,

“Of course I’m for it!”

From Credit cards to debit cards, to smart cards, it would soon become a reality that every American would eventually carry on his or her person, an electronic, description of physical features, family history, address, occupation, criminal record and income tax information and every possible element of one’s life that the government deemed necessary. The inserted chip would go one step further by going beyond the smart card in the wallet or purse that could be lost or stolen to a personalized chip worn at all times under the skin. There had been far too many victims of the Swarm. The government had a need to know all. Thanks to Hamid Assad, the young and intelligent successor to Osama Bin Laden, these evil locusts had infiltrated every facet of Western society and could be found in every nation. From the great political and financial cities of the world, such as Brussels, Luxembourg, London, Paris and New York, the agenda of the New World Order was rushed up because the attacks of Beelzebub had rocked the very lifelines of the free world.

At home, the American Government had given the Federal Emergency Management Agency 12.1 billion dollars for the purpose of setting up Mobil Operational facilities, developing a super-sacrosanct-secret police force and restoring and revamping military bases such as Tonapon, Nevada, and Barstow the purpose of which was to form boot camps for the violent eradication of these insects who had changed America forever. These facilities eventually made pale in comparison. All of these events, people, groups and crisis formed the skeleton of a diabolical system simply waiting to be covered with flesh and to have its nostrils filled with the breath of the devilish life of many languages, cultures and peoples moving ever so closely together.

Promises of peace and assurances of prosperity; it had all melted down creating an avalanche of deception and detestable outcries for change and a return to a past, though not forgotten, much better time. It would only prove attainable only in some imaginary, mental Disneyland! Promises! Promises!


Inside Nimrod Rising
We all know about the life we can all see, touch and feel. What about a world that is as real as the air we breath; but one which is hidden from our sight and as real as the invisible battles going on around us at every moment for the world, the future and for the souls of men and women? Inside Nimrod Rising will give you visual look into a book that could be one of the most important books you will ever read! War, terror, political upheaval, are these simply random acts of intrigue and violence? Or, is there an invisible war between the forces of good and the forces of evil that soon will not be so invisible anymore? Watch "Inside Nimrod Rising" and take a journey into the spiritual beyond that will make you wonder if "Nimrod Rising" is a book of fiction or of truth. In fact, it is both!

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The Iraq war had been deemed the first real United Nations engagement against the United States of America. It had succeeded in demonstrating no more than the ability of the world to carry out an internationally drawn out plan of battle in one of the world’s most powerful nation. United Nations’ forces, afterwards, would be sent to Somalia, Bosnia, Africa and South America. The United States had, on the one hand, dismantled its forces to such an extent that it could not maintain a drawn out conflict outside of its own hemisphere without the combined and joint efforts of the United Nations. On the other hand, The United States had over extended its commitment of troops to areas of the world where no clear threat to the American public could be explained and no determined American objective could be constructed other than the protection of the “Global Community”. This had been carried out by the liberals without the slightest protest of the majority of the public due to the liberal press that put only the most positive face on monsters of evil. Yet, when the swarm had infected the land causing the nation to return to war in the heart of the nest of vermin, the public outcry was massive and deafening with the media calling the president a tyrant and misguided.

Other Presidents had begun to consult with the United Nations Secretary General as much as with their own congress. Now, this president stood up for the nation and the system was being circumvented and the powers that be would not adhere to it. The New World Order had gained its foundation in such a patriotic fashion! Its impact loomed large as a lunging tiger ready spring upon its prey and its reversal was as plausible as the stopping of a raging locomotive ten feet in front of a rail straddling public transport bus. It had all become so inevitable that the existence of the New World Order and its collusion with the Swarm was not even questioned anymore. Stock markets were surging, interest rates were low, employment was up and inflation was down. America had simply walked into it as a willing, bleating participant. Mammon was taking the world by a storm, and the clouds were gathering.

The all-consuming fear of violence at home and of terrorism from abroad caused the people to give up their freedoms as the price of maintaining security and their need of comfort. The Swarm was simply everywhere! They were not just the type who had struck at the heart of Babylon. Now they were more of a consortium for terror. This driving mistrust of a peaceful and stable world seemed to have forced the countries of the dissolving planet to fall inline with the strategic, political, cultural and economic emerging New World Order. Unity had become the new beckon call that was touted as the promise to ensure continued progress and a continuation of a lifestyle that would remain peaceful, secure and financially lucrative, as though it had ever really been so for the teeming masses.

The world had been thrust into a profound perplexity among the nations. The fear of losing their jobs, homes, dreams and their very lives caused men’s hearts to fail them. It was the promises of the New World Order that would surely avert any breakdown of a society wrought upon the social order.

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