Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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The Music Of My Life

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Here's the music I love and the music that moves me
to words, to tears, to create, to remember and to become what I never thought I could be. Fell free to join me and listen and watch the greatest performers I have loved all my life!

Sting Desert Rose
Sting Fields of Gold
Sting Brand New Day
Jars of Clay-Flood
Jars of Clay-Liquid
Jars of Clay-Crazy Times
Jars of Clay-Work

Russian Opera Star

From China

Zülfü Livaneli-Karlı Kayın Ormanı

Zülfü Livaneli - Leylim Ley

Zülfü Livaneli-Bir Şafaktan Bir Şafağa(Sevda Değil)

Zülfü Livaneli - Sevdalı Başım

zülfü livaneli "gözlerin"

Turkish - Baris Manco - Domates biber patlican

Tarkan - Vay Anam Vay


Tarkan - Salina Salina Sinsice

Sezen Aksu - Perisanim Simdi

sezen aksu - gidiyorum

sezen aksu-vazgeçtim

Hoobastank-The Reason


Evanescence - Everybody´s Fool

Evanescence- Missing

Enigma - TNT For The Brain

Enigma, Sadeness

Enigma - Return to innocence

Dire Straits-Walk Of Life

Dire Straits-Money For Nothing

Dire Straits-Sultans Of Swing

Dire Straits-Heavy Fuel

The Eagles-All She Wants Is Dance

The Eagles-One Day At A Time

The Eagles-Take It To The Limit

The Eagles-Dirty Laundry

Pearl Jam-Jeremy

Michael W. Smith-Never Been Uunloved

The Cranberries-Zombies

Clay Cross-I Surrender All

Nora Jones-I Don't Know Why

Diddo-Whit Flag

Sting-Desert Rose

Every Breath You Take/The Police

Sting - A Thousand Years

sting - shape of my heart

Fragile - Sting

David Gilmour Marooned

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd The Wall - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Time - Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute

Pink Floyd - House of the Rising Sun

Pink Floyd - Us And Them

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon - First Part

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon Video Album Part 2

Pink Floyd- Pigs On The Wing (Part 1 and 2) Video

Animals - Dogs (Part 1)

Animals - Dogs (Part 2)

Animals - Sheep (Part 1)

Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away (1988)

(-Go To Those precious to me-)

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