Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Author, Steven Clark Bradley

How the Mighty Have Fallen
4000 BC
Cush was an old man. He was one of those of renown. He was a great
man of valor, a man who always left his mark. In fact, he was marked:
some said cursed, others blessed. He was the first of a new alliance, a new
breed. He was the first of the rebellious ones. His name actually meant
black. He was the son of Canaan, the son of Ham who was the son of
Noah, the man of Elyon. This man of antiquity had heard it all.
“He was marked of Elyon!” “He was cursed to evil!” “He was chosen
for greatness!” Before his eyes would dim, Cush would have seen it all

It had been a day that seemed to blast through the gloom and doom
that had always surrounded this patriarch’s life. Now, he held up in
front of his enlightened eyes the treasure that could guarantee his
continued posterity long after he and his wretched curse were buried
under centuries of prehistoric Earth. Cush had a daughter, but the old
man needed a son! He had to pass on his heritage and the
development of his people to a male child. For the past 15 years Cush
had never been allowed a heritage, for Elyon had determined to break
the existence of the seed of Caanan, to wipe it from the Earth. The
curse of the grandfather had marked him for life! Cush simply decided
to reject the God who had allowed Cush’s life to be marked by pain
and barrenness so that he determined to make a pact with the wicked
one. Why would Cush commune with a God that intended to snuff

out any vestige or proof that Cush and his seed had ever existed on the
Earth? The eyes of Elyon had looked down the tunnels of time and
saw the great adversary coming from the line of Caanan and intended
to cut it out! Cush turned his eyes off of Elyon and communed with
the evil one, the Serpent, the Liar, the Fallen Cherub. Cush promised
Lucia, the Son of the Morning Star, that if he would give Cush his
heritage then his seed would follow him forever. Lucia looked at Cush
with compassion.

“I served this God. He treated me as a rejected branch!” The fallen
Watcher stated.

“It was He who made maggots to spread out continually beneath me.
It was He who covered me with worms. It was not the real me, for wasn’t
I full of glory and music? With my harps, oh the music I could play!”
Lucia closed his eyes and seemed to bask in the thought of a past day
when he ruled the land that was ripped from him and given to Adam, that
weak creature. He opened his eyes with a bit of sorrow and rage spread
through them.

“This Earth belongs to me! I built it, I ruled it and it is mine and I shall
have it again! I was the Guardian Cherub! I was above all, the most
glorious of them all. He just made me too perfect, too close to himself so
that I was a risk, a possible drop of oil to His holy water! I was the model
of perfection; perfect in wisdom and beauty! I was in Eden, the garden of
Elyon! I was adorned with every precious stone. In my wings were
embedded the Ruby, the Topaz, Emeralds, Jasper, Turquoise and Beryl.
My joints and my entire frame were made of pure gold. I was blameless
in every way until one day, that one day, wickedness was found in me! I
was a threat to Jehovah! My great trade and authority was declared to be
that of violence and evil, that of a God. So, He drove me out of the
Garden! In disregard for my pride, Jehovah disgracefully cast His
Guardian Cherub out of the garden and into the world that both hated
and loved me. Those who served me then serve me today and I will take
back my kingdom! The slightest doubt in Elyon and he cast me down! He
knew that I wanted to eat of the tree of Life and be like Elyon himself. It
was the only thing that was lacking! Then He banished me, but I must
again enter in!”

Cush was transfixed on the image of the fallen Cherub and listened to
the evil fallen beast.

“You shall be the bearer of my seed, my disciple! The Lord has allowed
me to decree this, I shall return to the Earth! I shall rule from my realm!
I shall defeat the…I shall destroy the most….”

The fallen cherub could not finish the curses he wanted to declare
against Jehovah!

“I declare that from this day to the 666th generation of your seed, my
servant Cush and your son, born of his sister shall be worshiped as the
Great Father of the Prince that should come.”

The seed of Cush’s son would ultimately produce the one who would
fight the final battle with Elyon. Cush understood his Master’s words and
in that very night he entered his daughter’s room. It was a sin, the first of
its kind.

In spite of the months of rumors of the abnormal and immoral thing
in his daughter’s womb, the birth of his son seemed like the end of the
strife of his outward difference. “She was a child! How could a child be
with child?” people wondered. It was the continuation of the curse on
Caanan and the people feared it. Some wanted to take the girl and cut the
evil thing out of her. It was in league with the fallen one who had ruled the
Earth before the great void created when Lucia had tumbled out of favor
and out of the garden of Elyon. Cush feared no man! He was the great
father and none would oppose him but they could still talk. Cush just let
them talk. This was his salvation, his redemption!

The contractions from the womb of Cush’s daughter and mother of
his child came hard; his son came out fighting all the way! As soon as the
child was out, Cush ran over and snatched the male child from her hands
and raised high the fruit of his loins. Aliah, the child’s mother, lay
convulsing on the soil which bore the stains of the gushing well of blood
and afterbirth which was the result of the birth of this warrior. The
manner in which he had torn his mother on the way out seemed to say that
the infant had tasted the rage of his father while in the birth canal. The
people in the village on the night of the child’s birth had feared what it
would be like. Would the curse of Elyon fall upon them? It was a curse
placed upon the seed of Ham by the master builder and patriarch Noah
himself. Cush looked over at his 15-year-old daughter and decided the
woman could wait. To Cush, for all he cared she could just die in peace
with joy in her heart because she had born a king! He was the forerunner
of a great people and the rebellious seed that would bring forth the Son
of Lucia. But she intended to serve her purpose, and would live out her
usefulness in making her son the son he should be. She had born him a
rebellious heritage against the God who had cursed him! The wholly new
person who was both her son and her brother would give out the truth of
the Master and would be the father of a great people!

Cush took the newborn, still wet child into the palms of his hands. The
sight of his son brought back to mind the vow, which Cush had invoked
as he defiled his daughter.

“He shall redeem my shame! He shall repossess my pride! He shall
overtake the power! He shall rise up against the Most High! He shall be
rebellion!”Now, Cush looked down at the boy in his hands. The
screaming voice, the heaving chest tantalized the father. The child was
not black. The child was not white. In fact, he seemed to be the perfect
blend of both. Cush recognized that this man would one day give the
world back to the Master. Cush brought the child up close to his face.

“Scream my boy! Yell! Cry out and release the bitter heritage of my
pain! You shall avenge me! You shall be my redemption! You shall be
rebellion against the most high. Cursed be Canaan?!”

Suddenly, Cush thrust his son high above into the air.
“His name shall be Nimrod! The one who rebels!”

It was the perfect expression of what Cush held in his heart for his
Creator. He was cursed! Though Cush had never lifted a finger to oppose
the Lord, Elyon had cursed him because of his father’s sin. Through the
examples of pain, through telling his son Nimrod of the hurt, sorrow and
rejection because of an unjustified mark that had made Cush’s life forever
one of disdain and fear, the history and all the things recounted to
Nimrod, Cush made the boy bitter and defiant. He instilled a steel-like
burning, a craving inside the heart of Nimrod.

“You are the Lord of Lords, my son!

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