Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Nimrod Rising - Unsought Gifts Part Two

There are many today who see the unusual events that are even now causing the world to take notice of the diabolical happenings that raise the blood levels of millions of people around the world. America has been attacked. We are engaged in a seemingly endless struggle against dark forces that never tire of inflicting their torment upon the globe. People are now in fear and have started to hoard food, forcing stores to limit purchases. Today, the evil of the Culture of Death is pushing abortion on demand, gay marriage and euthanasia; things that would have been inconceivable in a forgone day.

Recently, I spoke with one of my readers about how similar various sections of Nimrod Rising are to what actually happened on September 11, 2001. I agreed with her and then went on to tell her that even though the similarity is very great, the sections of Nimrod Rising about which she was speaking were actually written in 1996. Of course, she did not believe me, and I understand why it is difficult to accept such a revelation that seemed too far-fetched to accept when there are seemingly no answers. Yet, there are answers to why we now walk in concern and fear for what the world will face in the future and why it is happening. What I wrote and what we have seen come to pass are really not as difficult to predict as one might think. There are plenty of sources, both biblical and extra-biblical that have predicted the various actions that will face the world at a time of great calamity and change. What we face today is in reality nothing less than the birth pangs of a new world, one that will be free of terror and strife, one controlled by a benevolent despot who will restrain evil and build security for his people. Yet, just as a mother suffers great pain and hardship prior to holding her new little life in her arms, so also, the world will experience massive sorrow and will walk in the valley of death before peace and sanctuary are established on the Earth.

Now, read the rest of Nimrod Rising - Unsought Gifts Part Two and feel watch iniquity and wickedness firmly dig in their claws of the evil one into Alex Maefield’s soul as he finally succumbs to the wrenching call of the forces of darkness. It's as real as it gets!

Nimrod Rising - Unsought Gifts Part Two


It was now 4:30 p.m. The team had already sat down for an early evening meal of Ghobbi-Ghosht. Meat with cauliflower curry was one of Alex’s favorite Pakistani dishes. Everyone was relaxing before the all night trip back to Lahore. While the food was being prepared, Alex could smell its aroma as he sat outside the base compound under a large papaya tree in the back courtyard. Alex desired so desperately to sit down with all the team members and just tell them that he was in trouble! He wanted to tell them everything that had happened to him in the past day, but he knew they were not that approachable. In fact, his inability to have this type of closeness where he could reach out for help with a certainty that he’d not get judgment instead made his work seem so futile and worthless. He and they were proclaiming a gospel of love concerning a God of understanding and mercy, and he was experiencing none of it! He knew what they were saying and how their tongues were wagging, “The boy’s possessed.” “He’s mentally ill.” “Alex needs to return home because he’s obviously lost and in need of salvation.” Perhaps, all the above were true, but weren’t they the ones who should lead him back to Elyon? Instead, he was left alone. Alex was fairly sure Mike Wakely would help him and reach out to him, but Alex knew there was no helping him. It was over. They were not his people. Alex had always suspected it. Today’s experience had simply confirmed it. Alex had left the Pakistani Day parade to do some research back at the team base.

When he got to the base, he went directly to the base library and began to scour the base library for reference books. Throughout the parade, he had felt that thing in his right eye squirming and groaning. It was clear that even Lucia had respected the worship he had received in the name of Allah! The devil was way too selfish and egotistical to tolerate another Elyon of any kind. Alex had always believed that the devil had persuaded himself that he was Elyon. Alex recalled the words of Vineyard founder, Rex Wagle, his mentor in the Vineyard, “The devil reads the book. The devil knows how it ends. The devil believes the book and still believes he can win. By any standard of sanity the old devil could be declared theologically insane!”

Alex knew, then, that he too had to be crazy because he knew suddenly where his allegiances really lay, and did he not know also how the book ended? It was clear to Alex that Abaddon felt so much more comfortable around the Muslims. Alex had long before realized that the Islamic God was Lucia. Though the spark of evil that Alex had received tantalized him and altered his commitments to the supernatural, he knew that the god of Islam could never be Elyon under a different name! The Elyon of the Bible was a God of love and desire who wanted to help his creation commune with Him. The Jihadists and the innocents, the children slaughtered not as collateral damage but rather as primary targets, could never be condoned or encouraged by neither Elyon nor the Branch. Yet, this so-called God of Islam, this idol had been infiltrated by the old Serpent and now was in the throws of building the Swarm. The war threats would completely shift and would bring about the day of the war of thunder that was now being prepared. This would be a war between the forces of evil and the Realm of Elyon that would be waged through the blood and bodies of mankind. It would be Allah vs. Elyon! Alex found a five-volume work called The International Bible Encyclopedia. He choose the first volume, A-E. He immediately looked up the name Abaddon. It bore light on what this creature was.

“Abaddon is said to be the keeper of the abyss or of the bottomless pit of Tenebre,” the book said. “During the tribulation period, this demonic guard will open up the abyss from which the Swarm of stinging creatures spoken of in the Revelation shall come to persecute those left upon the Earth.”

Alex lifted his head to contemplate what he had just read. He could see all the team members through the bases screened-in porch, seated at the table waiting for the curry. They were all staring at him, except for Sally. When his colleagues realized he was looking at them, they all turned their
heads away from him.

“They know, don’t they?” Alex thought. “They fear me…I fear myself!”

Somehow, he liked it. Alex turned his head away from the compound and felt a strong gust of wind crash into his face. As the wind continued past him, he heard that distinct voice whisper out at him in an echo that was like a vapor in its brevity: “Peygamber.” The wind caught the pages of the volume in his hands. The pages flipped forward until it stopped abruptly at the reference for “Antichrist.”

“The antichrist, the son of perdition, the Prince that shall come, the Lawless one, is spoken of in the Bible as the final, great one-world leader that shall unite a large portion of the world into one great world system of godlessness called New Babylon.”

Suddenly, the wind began to blow again. The pages flipped forward to the B section at the article, Babylon.

“Babylon was founded by the great warrior, Nimrod, the son of Cush, the great-grandson of the Patriarch, Noah. During the process of building a tower in defiance of Elyon, the Lord split the tongues of the people of the land of Shinar so that the work could not progress. Babylon later
became one of the four great empires prophesied by the prophet Daniel. Recently, archeologists have found a scroll called the Book of the Cave of Treasures that detailed Babylonian contentions that the world would be ruled from the land of Babylon and that a great plague shall erupt upon
the world not caused by war nor pestilence but by rage resulting from an over abundance of what can be clearly interpreted as terrorism.”

“The scroll also detailed that the second part of this scroll, which has never been found, would have to be placed into the crevice of the Mount of Olives just prior to the return of Christ to cause the mountain to split down the middle giving the people of Israel an area from which to flee from their pursuing enemies in the final battle of Armageddon. There is a lack of credence on the scroll theory, but it is said to have two possible purposes. The antichrist can use it to open the sealed door to the Garden of Elyon thereby allowing him to let Lucia eat of the Tree of Life and never die and become equal with Elyon. It is also widely believed that the second scroll will have the power to thwart the plans of the antichrist’s actions by placing it into the crevice of the Mount of Olives. This crevice
or crack was discovered in the Mount of Olives thirty years ago running from top to bottom”

Alex lifted his head. His eyes were open wide. He looked down at the book again.

“The city of Babylon today lies in ruins. Therefore, Babylon appears to be a symbolic reference to a world system.” Alex raised his head again. Abaddon really does exist! Alex knew he wasn’t just losing his mind. He looked down at the book again and saw a small piece of paper stuck in the center as a bookmark. Alex pulled it out and read it:

“Do you believe me now, Manassa Dormin? You must go to Basra!”

Because Nimrod Rising is a vast story of International significance, my setting is really two/fold. Steven Clark Bradley spent a large portion of his life in the cradle of civilization. This book should be read because it will speak to us about where we are going and what will be our consequences to bad actions in the future. It is a real treatise on America. Take a look at "Nimrod Rising - A Remnant Remains"There is a always a faithful remnant. On which side will you be?


Alex’s hands began to shake violently. There was a presence. It was there, but somehow wasn’t. Alex could see it, but somehow couldn’t. Alex squinted to make out the sight that was, but somehow was not. He reached out to touch the aberration that had appeared before him as real as touching his own arm, but as non-existent as a voice in the wind. The team members were sitting on the screened in porch doing some Christian gossiping. Christine Harris walked in from the kitchen with an harmful of place settings. She looked through the screening and stared at Alex. As Alex sat in his chair under the papaya tree reaching out to the cloudy image, Christine could only stare at him, frozen while she dropped the spoons and forks on the floor.

“There is something deeply wrong with that young man!”

The rest of the team members looked first at Christine and then in the direction that she was staring. Sally began to cry and started to get up and run to Alex. Christine gently pushed down on Sally’s shoulders.

“No Sally, leave him. I’ve heard it’s dangerous to startle someone when they are in such a state.”

Alex heard it then, that voice that proved the entity was real. “I’m not here to frighten you, my Peygamber. I am here to prepare your way, the way to fold up this present day and to bring in the Master’s day. It is yours! You shall have it! Your seed shall reveal it and bring it to pass! The world shall be yours and you shall ensure that the Master will enter into the garden and eat of the tree!”
Suddenly, Alex grabbed his head.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want this…this…gift!” But he knew he really did! A light flashed behind Alex’s eyes. The other team members who were now greatly fearful were frozen solid in their stares. Alex was oblivious of their condition. Alex saw a man with long wavy black locks of hair appeared before his eyes. The wind thrust the man’s hair back as it rushed past the man and collided with his face. He rode a black horse. He pushed hard, harder, and harder still! Behind the man were twenty horses mounted by black-hooded men rushing in pursuit of the fleeing man. They were screaming out in some strange language. The man was unafraid, but distinctly determined to escape the fold of pursuers behind him. Alex’s eyes were closed but obviously moving to the right and left, upward and downward behind his eyelids. Suddenly, the scene came up close and focused on the fleeing man’s face. He was muscular, Middle-Eastern in appearance with olive shaped eyes. He fixed his eyes directly forward. Alex could hear what the man was thinking. Then Alex realized that he was looking out of the man’s eyes.

“I must deliver it and then they may cut me to pieces!” The man thought. “Elyon requires it!”

Up ahead, there was a castle; a temple of some kind. The man on the horse never looked back. He listened hard to the sounds of horse hoofs pounding the Earth like thunderclaps and to the voices of those screaming and wishing to tear him to pieces. Alex had been somehow linked to the man’s mind. He could understand him. Alex was now standing and so were his team members staring at him through the screened window. Sally was screaming, “Alex! Alex, are you alright?”
He could not hear her. Alex could only hear the men in pursuit.

“He who is darkness! He has commanded us! Stop him! He must be stopped! Peygamber demands it!”

The mysterious man pushed his horse harder as he moved closer to a temple. As he approached the entrance, the gate swung open. He entered the courtyard and quickly dismounted his horse. Alex looked intently through the man’s eyes. Behind the Temple walls, Alex can see a broken down tower structure that was still tall, but obviously ancient even for the moment in time which his eyes were viewing. The focus shifted. A young, beautiful, black-haired woman walked out of the huge front
doors of the temple with her infant at her breast! She looked down at her beautiful little girl held tightly in her arms and silently prayed that Elyon would give her life at all costs! As this young, slender and beautiful woman loved on her greatest reason for living who was eating at her breast,
suddenly she heard his voice!

“Look up towards Elyon; it’s there just as He had told me!” the man insisted.

She looked up into the night sky and there she saw it! She looked again and there before her was a scroll falling from the heavens.

A Watcher of Elyon appeared and asked her, “What do you see?”

She answered, “I see a scroll.”

The Watcher said to her, “This is the curse that is going out over the whole land for today, but the seeds shall take root at a time of Elyon’s choosing. For according to what it says on one side, every thief will be banished, and according to what it says on the other, everyone who swears falsely will be banished. Elyon commanded me to come and that I should deliver it to you. He has sent it out, and it will enter the house of the thief and the house of him who swears falsely by Elyon’s name. It will remain in the evil man’s house and destroy it, both its timbers and its stones.”

The Watcher of Elyon who spoke came forward and bade the woman to look again to the twilit sky.

“Look up and see what this is that is appearing.”

She told him she could not understand and asked what it was she would see. He replied that she would comprehend when she beheld it.

“Now, my fellow servant and the mother of my brother’s child, look up and tell me what you see.”
A basket descended from the sky and was held by a woman and a small child. The woman and small child touched the Earth and brought the basket over to the woman holding her infant to her breast.

“I see a measuring basket, my lord.”

She could hear the Watcher’s voice. He declared, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land. Evil shall cover the land.”
The woman removed the cover of lead; there, in the basket, sat a woman, naked and fondling herself. The naked whore rose up in the basket like a serpent slithering on the ground and had a sensuous smile across her face while she caressed her own breasts and pleasured herself. She sought to step out.

The Watcher said, “This is wickedness.”

The Watcher then pushed the evil woman back into the basket and pushed the lead cover down over its mouth. The Watcher looked down at the covered basket.

“Your time has not yet come.”

Then Thomas’ servant looked up at the women and the girl child with her. The girl child walked over and picked up the scroll that had descended from the heavens and gave it to the servant with her infant nursing at her breast.

“Hide it in the evil house until my mother shall find it and never be afraid. Elyon is real!”

Suddenly, the woman and the child ascended into the air with wings fluttering in the wind! They had wings like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket with the evil woman and suspended it between heaven and earth.

“Where are they taking the basket?”

The servant asked the Watcher who was speaking to her. He replied, “It shall remain suspended here over the land of the country of Babylonia until a house is built for it from the evil woman’s

The Watcher pointed at the group of black-clad hooded men ready to enter the courtyard of the temple.

“When it is ready, the basket will be set there in its place and the evil within shall cover the whole Earth. Take the scroll now!” the Watcher commanded.

“Thomas! Are you there?” The woman asked with tears flowing down her face and tightly holding onto the child. Then she saw his silhouette in the moonlit night.

“Never be afraid, for Elyon does indeed rule in the affairs of men!” The Watcher disappeared.

Suddenly, she could hear the hooves and the shouts and demands for blood to be spilt and she knew that she had to get to him! She took the child back into the temple and placed it in the arms of her sister who was watching from the Temple doorway. Then the woman turned and ran to the man outside. Alex could see the woman’s face clearly. The woman’s was distinct and clear and he knew her and he screamed a bloodcurdling cry.

“Sally! This cannot be!”

The woman stopped abruptly and looked around. She heard Alex when he cried out.

“You are the evil one! Elyon curse you and make your way fail, O wretched seed of Nimrod!”
She ran outside and down the stairs and directly out of the palace to wait for her fellow disciple, friend and lover! She saw the night shadow of the black horse he had ridden and Thomas prostrated on the ground!

“Thomas, my Instructor” the girl said. As she bowed she showed him what she held in her hand.
“The Watcher of Elyon gave it to me and I will conceal it in the Cave of Treasures beneath the evil one’s place of sacrifice. You shall depart from us for a time, but many times will reveal your will. Your will be accomplished, I pray.”

The nightrider gave the fair young girl a sad and lonely glance and then looked again down at the ground.

“You must flee! Take the scroll into the cave in the heart of the Earth beneath the great builder’s house of the lambs and hide it there until the time is revealed by our seed, your child and my child.”

“My Lord, I will die with you here!” she entreated him.

“It is not appointed to you to die now.” Thomas didn’t look up at her. “But you shall join me shortly later and we shall return to this putrid place together with the armies of Elyon! Now, run like the wind and obey the word of Elyon!”

The woman stood frozen in place, crying and staring at her baby’s father lying flat on the cursed ground of Nimrod’s kingdom. Thomas looked at her and screamed:

“Go now! Do not look back! Do not hesitate again! Obey the word of Elyon and I will love you forever!”

She fled away from the approaching pursuers. As she disappeared from sight and into the temple, the gate again swung open. The pursued man bowed to the ground on his knees in readiness to face his pursuers. Twenty men rode in and looked down at the man for a moment. The lead man dismounted his horse and took out his sword.

“Filthy servant of weak Elyon! You shall not prevent us forever! You have written of treasonous virtues that defy the master of darkness. You are not of my seed! Where is the scroll?”

“Ask your master. He does not know because he is the weak one!” The prostrated man declared. “My Master, the true one, is waiting for me,” the servant of Elyon declared. “Is it not he who holds the keys to destiny, in spite of your rebellion?”

“We have requested knowledge of its whereabouts of the master, but he does not tell us of the scroll’s location.”

The man who was bowing began to laugh and to sneer, “You say it is he who shall shake the earth? He has no knowledge of a mere scroll?”

Thomas looked up at the group of evil disciples intently.

“I dreamed that I saw the Earth open up and the sacred mount divided in two with the hordes of Tenebre swarming in a vain revolt against the plan of Elyon with your master finally cast headlong into the pit of Tenebre! You serve a very pitiful master. You are a sacrilege!” Thomas screamed at the man, “Elyon Reigns!”

Then chief pursuer nodded to a black-hooded man close to Thomas with his sword drawn. He swung his sword and severed Thomas’ head from his body! Alex, standing out in the Vineyard courtyard grabbed the sides of his own head and the woman fleeing with the scroll stopped and felt Thomas’ pain. She fell to her knees and wept.

“Find the scroll!” The dark leader ordered. “It must never enter the crevice of the Mount of Olives, lest it beckon the call of the Branch of Elyon! Its words must be read aloud in front of the Tree of Life where the two rivers collide, for it spells out the terms of the Master’s revenge and the destruction of the Master’s enemies. It must be found so that we will ensure that the rule of the Peygamber will be one that will endure forever.”

Suddenly, the walls of the temple began to shake and the Earth quaked. One by one the walls fell. The young woman who was clutching the scroll to her breast ran down into the deep tunnels that ran under the Temple of Baal in the city of Babylon. The Great Father had started this palace, and now it was falling like the tower Nimrod had once built. She descended and found the entrance to the Cave of Treasures that lay under the last altar in the House of the Lambs like all the evil altars she had passed all the way down into the belly of the Earth. She pushed past centuries of filth and growth and placed the scroll under a large stone at the entrance of the cave. She turned to run upstairs and heard the sound of a crying infant.

“Where is my little girl?” she cried out.
The walls were folding in like a house made of cards. The woman reached the entrance of the temple and saw her sister. Her sister tried to give the woman her baby girl but the servant told her sister to take the child to safety. Alex watched the young woman who looked like Sally. She took a deep breath and thanked Elyon. Then a pillar fell and struck the young woman in the head. She collapsed on the floor as the walls fell over her. Alex began to scream.

“Sally! Sally!”

At the porch, the whole team was mesmerized and staring. Sally screamed. “Alex, are you ok?”

Sally ran out to help him. Alex screamed loudly and the dark-clad men in the vision turned and seemed to hear him. All the horses reared up on their hind legs in fear. They all got off their horses and bowed down and chanted, “Peygamber! Peygamber!”

“Let us go! May the scroll that was lost today be revealed and the Prince forever enshrined! Hail to him who shall rival the power of Nimrod! It must never be found until that day!”

Alex turned his head and rose suddenly. The encyclopedia fell to the ground. Alex turned and headed for the darkening streets of Lahore. Mike saw him and shouted, “Alex, don’t go far, Alex! We’ll be leaving soon.”

Alex never looked back. Mike mumbled to himself, “This lad is marked, touched by an evil force. I can feel it.” Mike had seen how everyone in the village had tried to worship him. “Alex rather…rather liked it,” Mike stated cautiously.

Sally became angry with Mike.

“What are you trying to say, Mike? Do you think Alex is possessed or something?”

“Sally, my sister, I did not use that term.”

“No, but you are certainly implying it aren’t you?”

“Look Sally, I know that you and Alex are very fond of each other, but you mustn’t forget that you are a servant of Elyon here. You must discern the spirits and see if they are of Elyon.”

“Mr. Wakely, my father is one of the godliest men I know and personally led me to Christ.”

“I agree, but he’s also one of the most high-profile Christians in your country, is he not?”

“Perhaps, but, concerning Alex, he’s up before any of you, prays more than all of you and has the best results seen to date in reaching out and in learning the language.”

“He sure does!” stated one cocky German team member named Gerhard.

“He’s got results in raising the dead, seeing a boy’s spirit, what was it Mike, hovering over the boy’s dead body. Can’t you just picture it now?” Gesturing as he thought Alex may have done.

Everyone started laughing except Sally.

“Why don’t you all just grow up?” Sally insisted. “You’re all just jealous of him, that’s all! We can’t turn our backs on him now. He needs our help!”

Tears began to roll down Sally’s face.

“Let’s go find him.”

“I don’t know, Sally. He took off in one of the motorized rickshaws” Mike stated.

“No need to worry. He’ll be back…I hope…” Mike said under his breath.

He turned around and saw Sally’s back as she headed for a rickshaw.

“Sally! Sally! Oh my dear Elyon there will be crisis to speak of tonight, I just know it!” Mike worried.

Alex ran towards the international airport and Sally sought him out desperately. She got out of the rickshaw and looked down each street. Her heart began to pound now, not so much because Alex was nowhere to be found but because it was now dark and she was lost in the land of snakes and sinners. She walked in one direction. The street was silent right now and she thought her heart would stop when a whining, speeding rickshaw zoomed past her. She looked ahead down the street and saw a horse-drawn old wagon coming towards her. She squinted but could make out that the man on the wagon was old and hardly seemed dangerous. Sally walked up to the old man.

“Sir, do you know where I could find Mohammed Ali Jinnah Street? I am lost.”

Sally started crying and the old man seemed to have mercy on her and spoke to her.

“You not need cry. Every town, village or city in Pakistan has a street by that name. Follow your way. It is your destiny my child. Anyway, your street is just over that way behind you.”

He got off the wagon and Sally turned to look in the direction he was pointing. The man came up behind her and placed the tip of his first finger on his left hand between her shoulders and she gasped and fell to the ground. The old man bent down and his face turned to that of the beast
in the corner of Alex’s right eye! He picked her up and placed her in the wagon. He directed the wagon to the right and a car pulled up. Three black-hooded Muslim militiamen got out and lifted Sally’s limp body into the car. He laid her down on the back seat and spoke to the man seated
next to him. It sped away, north to a private hanger at the international airport. The plane she was loaded into took off in a somewhat northwesterly direction towards the place where the two rivers meet.

When Sally awoke, she looked up and felt comforted by who she saw.

“Alex? Alex, are you ok? Where are we?” She asked as she felt herself being taken somewhere.

“Sally, welcome back. You are about to make history, my sister!” Alex said to her with a sinister smile on his face.

Sally looked around and panicked.

“Alex, what’s happening here?”

“Don’t worry, Sally. It’s just a transformation, an alteration of sorts. Ha-Ha!”

Sally looked at Alex’s face and saw it transformed into the diabolical, lizard-looking face of Abaddon. His voice became deep and as Alex spoke his voice echoed and sounded strong and deafening.

“You will be a wonderful mother of the son of my master, Ha-ha-ha!”

Sally felt her mind fade away as she felt a needle enter her neck. Her eyes became faint and her scream that she knew she had hurled loudly was silent and she lay in a narcotic stupor as with the flight plan set, Transponder encoded, the private jet rolled down a runway.
Destination: Basra, Iraq.

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