Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Nimrod Rising - Legion of Ants Part Two

Recently, I heard former British Prime Minister Tony Blair respond to the question, why God is so important. I was so impressed with that courageous man's response. He said, "Because it reminds us that there is someone bigger than us." Yet, I pondered his words that had so stricken by their brevity and their profound simplicity. It left me to pose another question. How do those of us hold onto the power of a society which opposes everything we value as essential? What happens to a nation where so many common wrongs are now commonly accepted and practiced? We have failed to realize that man always arrives at the most amazing ways of placing his fellow man into bondage and terror. Our freedom is derived from God.

The clash of ideas in the world around us is not of this world. The forces of darkness are stripping away the truths we had held as as fact and are now unknowable or irrational in the pagan dens of the ever-expanding Culture of Death. Do you feel it? Can you see it around you. The war is out there, not yet revealed to the eyes and thought of man.

In Legion of Ants - Part One
you saw the commencement of a transformation, only the beginning of a force that would come over him to propel him to the very zenith of global power!

Now, as you read Nimrod Rising - Legion of Ants Part Two Feel the intense darkness, the deepest feeling that knowing what was taking place was of much greater danger than going the way of all the Earth in total ignorance. As Alex walks into his destiny, feel his confusion, his fear, his desire for more...He is the Peygamber,the prophet to come the Prince of the Power of the Air, the old Serpent in the form of mortal flesh, the son of perdition! Read on, find out what true fear is. It is not for the faint of heart!

Nimrod Rising - Legion of Ants Part Two

The ants seemed more spread out over the ceiling than usual. It seemed they had formed pockets of ants in different locations. Alex had never seen them leave their perfectly straight line of activity before. The picture seemed to be forming into the perfect battlefield. Alex had been raised in a very strongly Christian environment. He was brought up to love and fear Elyon, and not the god of this world of strong smells, harsh people and Allah. It had been demonstrated to Alex that Allah the devil. Islam was the perfect imitation of the truth in that it was the exact opposite of it. Elyon had never ordered His people to kill the innocent. Those times throughout the centuries when the innocent were killed in the name of Elyon were not at the command of a God of love and mercy. This was a religion devoted to a God who took joy in the slaughter of infidels! Allah was the Elyon of the religious and deceived hiding the person of Lucia behind the faith of Muhammad, who without the slightest whim of consideration would, if Alex got off the narrow way, beat Alex as a spike into the sand all the way down to Tenebre!

“Why would I serve a Savior set out to do me some eternal harm?” Alex mumbled to himself.

He had a suspicion that his guide had read the book wrongly. His doubt was a temptation from the evil one! It was a lack of faith on his part! It was a blasphemy to think in such ways. Very much like an anti-Christ!

“It’s always wrong to think like that!”

Yet, think he did. He loved to, especially, when he was on his way to a nocturnal nirvana. His eyes would close, open and then close again.

“HA! HA! HA!” The voices echoed back at Alex and were all around him! “My dear master, you are no Alex! You are Dormin, the Seed of Nimrod!”

The voice was distinctly Pakistani. It had that wave, roll and intonation.

“I’m afraid you have the wrong man!”

The hands projected directly in Alex’s face, pulled apart and grew claws and leathery charred skin. One horrid hand came close to Alex’s mouth and extended its first revolting finger over Alex’s mouth while the other curled its gnarly fingers around Alex’s throat and thrust him directly
face to face with the power of Satan!

“Silence! You shall speak no more! Peygamber has many things to learn.”

“I’m sorry, but…”

“Silence!” the angelic beast cried out, “You must listen! There is far too much fervor and pride in you! It is what kept you from being available to the master. It must be instilled deeply in you!”

Alex felt himself propelled somehow to somewhere else. He pulled on his right arm, then the left. They would not move. They were fastened to a chair. His feet were in shackles. He felt cold. Then he realized he was naked.

“Let me go! Who are you? Where am I?”

“SILENCE!” A troll-like creature erupted like the roar of a thunderbolt!
Alex took his bearing on the room, which surrounded him. The room seemed large. It was dark; very dark. There was a window open behind him. The strong gust of air through the window blew the curtain over Alex’s head, sliding off and blowing back again. He was alone. There was an aurora around him, a presence that was so powerfully overwhelmingly evil that the hairs on his arms stood straight up. The moonlight cast its strange shadows through the window behind Alex. Alex saw the silhouette of a woman to his left.

“Alex!” A feminine voice called out. The two hands appeared in front of him.

“You are pure energy, O Seed of Nimrod!”

The hands pulled apart slightly and Alex could see some kind of electrical current dancing between the two palms.

“Learn to use the energy to bring about the day of the Master.”

Out of the darkness of the room that had engulfed Alex’s space, he heard the girl’s voice again.

“Manassa Dormin! I am so blessed to bear your seed!”

Alex recognized the voice.

“Sally! Is that you?”

Suddenly, Sally was there! She walked over to Alex and straddled his body, reaching down and kissing his neck, his face and lips. She whispered in Alex’s ear.

“Your seed shall inhabit the whole Earth, Dormin, oh seed of Nimrod. Give me your seed that I may have its fruit cut from my womb to the destruction of the plans of Elyon who stole the master’s heritage.”

Sally took Alex all the way. Alex writhed in pleasure, feeling sweetly soiled. The unfathomable voice cried out in the thick dark night.

“Feel it! Your energy has given her to you!”

Alex looked at Sally as she moved rhythmically over him, reeling her head back and forth, her gleaming, black hair blowing back in the wind that paraded through the window. Alex exploded inside her and he heard her uttering an approving moan.

“Oh Dormin, I am so blessed to bear your seed!”

Alex looked at her and saw her face change into the face of a demonic creature. Straddled atop of him she was laughing and hissing and breathing out a putrid smell, a creature that appeared more like a beast than a woman.

“He shall appear as his subjects, but he shall bear the soul of the Master! HA! HA! HA!”
Alex began to scream very loudly.

“Get off of me! You are of that evil one! Get away!”

Alex struggled hard to get loose from the chair where he was bound. The ropes burned his wrists and the shackles bruised his ankles badly as he fought to get the evil thing off of him! The beast on top of Alex stuck out its slithering serpentine tongue and began to lick Alex’s face.

“Get away from me!”

Alex cried out, as he sought to get away from the putrid, horrid thing that had perched itself atop of Alex’s legs. The two hands reappeared again. When the palms came apart, a bolt of lightning shot out from between them again. Alex was still fastened tightly in the chair, but he found himself now seated in the middle of the mission compound kitchen, looking down as though through a fisheye
lens. Then, as if looking through the lens of a camera that was panning throughout the whole area, the kitchen was revealed foot by foot. The focus changed. Alex was looking directly into the pantry. It was run by one of his team members, Chris Harris, a prudish middle-aged British woman whom Alex literally confessed hating to Elyon on a daily basis. She always derided him, criticized him and made him literally want to kill her at times! The pantry was stocked full of canned goods, rice and milk powder. In the washing area of the kitchen, the camera-like view revealed the dishes, pots and pans stacked high in the drying basin. The panorama shifted back over to the cooking area.

There was that distinct smell again. Alex remembered it from his vision during the prayer meeting earlier in the day. Alex looked at the stove. It was ablaze. Smoke rose up out of a huge pot used for
preparations for the whole Vineyard team.

‘That smell? The odor of human flesh again?’

It made Alex feel sick and afraid. Beads of sweat rose up over Alex’s face. His eyes were stretched wide open; so widely that if he strained them any harder he was sure they would pop right out of their sockets! Alex looked more intently at the pot. The scene seemed to shift at Alex’s desire.
The pot over the stove came closer and when it got into the position for Alex to look over into it, Alex screamed! Chris Harris’ head lay boiling face up with her bulging terrified eyes staring straight up at Alex with her body parts arranged in order around the skull.

“Chris! Oh my Elyon! No!” Though Chris Harris was not one of Alex’s favorite members of the team he had never really considered killing her, or had he? Their personalities had simply just never jelled. The sight and awful shock, which had overtaken him, was replaced with an almost glad contentment in Alex as he saw her. Her throat was cut and pulled back. Her arms and legs had been torn off and lay neatly arranged around her torso.

“Please! What does all this mean?”

“It is how you feel! Is it not what you desired so many times, my Peygamber? It is simply the way you really view things from within, is it not, my master?” a voice rang out. Alex looked around trying to see who was speaking. He began to sob and wail. He wanted to disagree, but he knew that it was actually true!

“Why is this happening?”

Alex felt sure that he was dreaming, but he had a nagging aching feeling that it was far more than just some common dream! It was a message. Alex wanted to understand it. Alex had done a lot of soul-searching for ways to rid himself of his murderous hate for this nagging fanatic. Looking from his invisible panorama, Alex could see himself enter the kitchen. He searched for and found a small bowl and then went to a refrigerator. He took out some leftover curry and recalled her harsh words to him from a couple of nights earlier.

“Please! Chris, you are not my mother!”

“Thank God!” He had thought to himself.

“Well you certainly need one! Wasting the Lord’s provisions by eating when it just squirts out both ends!”

“I hate that woman!” Alex confirmed to himself.

“What are you doing in the Lord’s refrigerator again?”

Alex saw himself trying to hide the food from Chris. “Chris, I found a small puppy and he’s hungry!”

“You will most certainly not give the Lord’s food to some cur!” Chris exclaimed. “The human vermin scarcely deserve it. They complain when I give the cat a piece of meat that we certainly could never eat, but I felt it was good enough for them. Take that hopeless animal away to just die. We are here to save souls, not fill their bellies, human or otherwise!”

“You’re a British Twinkie, Chris! You’re a prude, a…” Alex had a much better choice of words, but he only thought them, never proclaiming them.

“Well! I never…!”

“And you probably never will! I promise you!” Alex walked out of the kitchen without the curry.
Alex seemed to be looking out of someone else’s eyes. Alex pulled on his bound arms to see if he was still bound. He was still tightly secured. Alex saw the hands reach over to the handle of a cabinet. The man pulled on it and it slid open. Alex saw someone’s left hand pick up a very large
butcher’s block.

“What are you doing? Wait!” Chris begged.

In his vision, Chris pleaded as the man approached her holding the butcher block in his hand.

“NO! Please don’t do this! I’m Sorry! Take it all! Please! NOOO!”

He grabbed Chris by the hair and swung the heavy weapon hard, hitting her in the neck and semi-decapitating her. Alex could now only see a pair of hands holding Chris by her hair. Alex could see drops of sweat falling in front of the eyes out of which he was looking. The hands were cutting Chris Harris’s body, arms, legs, head and torso. The killer’s hands hacked off the last arm and picked up the torso and placed it in the large pot. Alex saw this stranger in his vision place the limbs and head neatly around the center torso. The scene didn’t concern Alex as much as his sheer lack of sympathy did. The right hand then took a book of matches and struck one on the side of the box with the left hand. The flame ignited beneath the pot with a large echoing sound throughout the room. The flame was set on high.

Through the eyes of the killer, the kitchen began to speed past Alex’s sight. He understood that the killer was leaving the kitchen and going into the bathroom. Alex saw it all as it transpired. Suddenly, the hands reappeared. The killer must have been looking down at his hands. They were stained red from the killers’ homicidal exploits. The left hand reached over to the cold-water faucets. The water sprang out boiling hot. The right hand took a bar of well-worn soap. Soon the hands were covered with a reddish white lather. The killer put the soap down and began to turn the left hand over the right and the right over the left. The killer rinsed his hands and took a towel. Alex was staring at the towel rack. His view began to rise up the white washed wall from the sink to the mirror. Alex’s head began to race. His extremities became numb, and he pulled hard on the ropes and shackles that held him tightly. When the killer’s face appeared, Alex let out a bloodcurdling cry. Alex saw himself in the mirror!

“No! Please! No! That’s not me! I couldn’t do something like that! OK, I hate her…many times I’ve wished she were dead, but…?”

Is it really hard to see that something sinister is afoot? All around us, in every country, on every face, there is a knowledge that everything has changed. Watch this video and see what Steven Clark Bradley's new novel, Nimrod Rising describes and the very plausible scenario that may be playing itself out in the very day in which we live. This video will ,ake you think!

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“My dear Sheik, do I not recollect a certain time when you said, ‘If I could kill someone without Elyon knowing, and with cops to fend off, it would be her!’? Is that not correct?”

Alex looked up harshly at the fallen cherub. He almost snarled in anger.

“How do you know so much about me?”

“My dear seed of Nimrod what am I, Chopped Liver? I am Abaddon, the keeper of the abyss, servant of him who is the power of the evil odious air, the Son of the Morning! Do you want to hear him roar?”

Alex squinted as the vicious cry exploded into the dark large room where Alex sat bound hand and foot viewing these unspeakable images!

“You are Satan’s demon!”

“In the flesh!” retorted the beast, bowing and ginning widely and showing his jagged teeth beneath a snarling smile.

“I rebuke you in the name of the…”

“Of Elyon, you will say?” Abaddon queried. “We all know Him well; better than you ever will! We all served him mightily!”

The silence in the room was horrific! Nothing could be heard except for Abaddon’s voice. There was a certain hum resonating throughout the room. It was as if there was so much diabolical power in the room that it made the molecules rattle! Abaddon looked into Alex’s face. His foul, hot breath burned Alex’s stomach and face, making him scream.

“We all served Him, Elyon that is! He is an egotistical…!”

“We had it all, it was ours and I was the keeper of the realm! Do you get that?”

Abaddon drew closer to Alex and grabbed him by the hair and stuck out its tongue and let it slide across Alex’s face. The touch again burned Alex’s skin and he wanted to pass out!

“I was the keeper! It was the master’s temper that caused it! One little spot of iniquity and we were out! No mercy! No tolerance! Not even the slightest bit of leeway! Don’t ever think you know Him better than I! It is not mere words, my chosen one that can sweep away the forces of darkness! You must believe and you do not! So, go ahead! Call on Him; that cursed Creator!”

Alex closed his eyes. He wanted to make himself wake up but he seemed locked into this nightmare. He was in this chair, naked with his face filled with the foul odor of the demon’s breath. The demonic guardian flew over to Alex and landed on top of Alex’s legs. The corrupted Watcher’s claws dug deep into Alex’s skin. It showed its fangs and drew close to Alex’s face. Its nostrils were expanding and constricting.

“You know my master! You know him for he is with you! His seed has followed you to this moment all the way back to Nimrod and beyond him to the time when the Watchers cohabitated with the daughters of men! You cannot see it all now, but you will feel it, you have felt it and you will rule over it and use the power to take back your kingdoms and principalities and powers! There is but one force that cannot pronounce the word, “relent.” We will never give in! We will never surrender! We will never bow down! We have fought since the day your kind was formed from the dust of the Earth! We insist on all! Because we want our land! HA! HA! HA! We do not simply want to thwart the plans of that unjust Elyon. Before, we were His plan! His eye was upon us! Then he built the
extension and we resisted, refusing to submit to the likes of such weak and needy things as humans! We said “no” and have not relented since the day we took the battle of Elyon to the very door of the Palace of Elyon! You shall produce the key, the progeny, and the one who shall regain our
previous status and then we shall cast down this traitorous creator and His king and my master shall sit on the sides of the North as he once did! I am the keeper of the master’s pit. You are his servant, His warrior, His victor to regain what is His alone and you are his Son!”

Alex began to twist and turn violently in his captive throne. Abaddon roared. “It is not yet time to awaken!” he added. Out of the dark, four naked spirits rose up from the ground directly in front of Alex holding smoking vessels in front of them. When they got to where Alex was sitting, they took the smoking pots and poured out their contents over Alex’s head, back and abdomen. Alex looked up as the first vessel was tilted over top of his head, Alex could see what was inside and what was about to flow out over his head, into his face and down his back and torso. Slowly, steadily and horribly, boiling, hot pitch was about ready to induce its scalding effects on Alex’s body! The molten lava-like pitch attached to his skin and burned deep holes in him throughout his body. One, two, finally, in all, fifteen vessels of pitch were poured out over various parts of his body. Alex screamed, yelled, pleaded and threatened. The mist-like spirits proceeded to carry out their mission of corruption. Alex was sure that he had died and was in Tenebre!

“You have to feel the master’s pain of having been created the most beautiful of creatures and now turned into an evil creature with maggots eternally following him under his feet and ants and bugs throughout his body. How he once loved to behold himself! How we all loved to praise him! He was not satisfied. He wanted more! Now look at me, I was white, gloriously-winged and I chose my Master because he is my kind, my kindred and he will reign again through you! You must feel his pain of having been denied his heritage, His inheritance! This war must be continued, not commenced! For the war has been raging since the day Elyon breathed life into frail bodies of earthen clay! The great day when the power of Lucia shall be unleashed into the world of the blinded is at hand and the Master shall have all sway in the matter of the created and of that which has been from everlasting to everlasting and in what will be no more! You are the 665th generation and progenitor of him who shall embody the mark of the Lord of Evil! Your Seed shall shake the foundations of the Earth and cause the nations to tremble and the high place to crumble to the ground. Your fruit shall scrape up its residue and deliver it all at the Master’s feet!”

Alex pulled up sharply from his chair. It did not move. The demonic watchman responded smugly while watching Alex out the corner of his eye. The four naked spirits took the shape of frogs and took hold of Alex’s mouth and pried it open! Each of them crawled down Alex’s throat. The last one leapt into Alex’s mouth and roared loudly as it slid into his body.

“They shall reside with you and in you until the appointed time when you shall make use of them. You see, I keep the gates of Tenebre. I have much time on my hands!”

The demon lunged out and grabbed Alex by the neck. “I’ll be watching you closely! I know how you think, what makes you tick. I watch all of them much more than they would ever care to watch themselves in the mirror. You, Sir, we never take our eyes off of you. You are the provider. You are the male conspirator in the conception of a new order. Through you, shall he come to take the thing in hand and reshape it to my master’s liking! Oh! My peygamber!”

Alex began to heave the captive throne in which he was bound to the right and to the left while rebuking Abaddon in Christ’s name. Abaddon roared with the echoed voices of a thousand hungry lions.

“The Lord rebuke me, Manassa Dormin? I am sure he does! The words you utter are powerful, but not from one of our own unless you really believe them as more than some catchphrase.”

Suddenly, the room lit up with the sounds of roaring, howling and hissing of screaming wild beasts!
“My prophet, now there’s some tough noise if you want some. You will learn to frighten the dead but not with such Christian mumbo-jumbo, my peygamber. There have been a few that have uttered those words and the gates of Tenebre rumbled and clattered! That has not been so for a very long time indeed, and they are fewer than you might guess! Now, just listen to my master roar!”

Abaddon tilted back his head and closed his yellow and red glowing eyes as though he were listening to a symphony orchestra. The sounds of thousands of ravaging roaring lions in search of prey slowly changed into the sound of the call to prayer from the minarets throughout the Muslim world!

“Allah Wakbar!”

“You can call the Master Lucia, the Devil, Satan but the very best one is Allah! They are all the same. He is not picky my seed-giver! He only has one desire, the destruction of the name of Elyon! You must corrupt these servants of my master and mold them into a Swarm of warriors, religious zealots without the spark of the life of Elyon’s faith! His book declares it even! Out of the pit shall come forth a Swarm of locusts, with the hair of women and crowns on their heads! These are the vermin, attached by the name of Allah!”

Alex understood that this beast spoke of terrorists that should overrun the globe. They had hair like women, they had turbans for crowns and they were vermin who could infest the globe with their savaging hordes.

“The Master’s voice is all of this and more! I should know, I’m the keeper of the abyss. He has declared that the time has arrived for the retrieval of the heritage that was denied him by a weak, compassionate and merciful creator, oh the Devil with it!”

“I want out! This is not real!” Alex cried, shaking his head back and forth, choking out his words. “The Lord…! The Lord rebuke…!”

Alex was unable to complete the one sure-fire phrase that he was told would chase away the wily devil. As though stubbornly declining Alex’s brain’s impulse, the words refused to be uttered! Abaddon levitated over to Alex and bent down to meet Alex’s eyes with its own.

“It’s not time to wake up yet, Manassa Dormin, my seed-bearer.”

Suddenly, out of the recesses of the infective darkness, Alex saw forms of 15 spirits flutter towards him. Each one held a bucket full of hot pitch in their left hand. Seven of them held scrolls in their right hands. The misty images floated over closely to Alex. Alex looked unbelievingly at the vision before him. As he looked up, he saw the buckets raised and tilted over. Alex quickly covered his face in his palms as the sticky, hot, black, boiling liquid dropped to the back of his head. Each spirit poured out the contents of their buckets onto Alex’s head, back and arms. Alex screamed in agony as the scorching tar streamed slowly down his body. Three entities took handfuls of straw, insects and garbage and hurled it onto the pitch. Alex’s body appeared as though it were decomposing. The
insects that clung to the tar fought violently to escape. Alex screamed loudly and begged the keeper of the abyss to let him go.

“You must learn to deny the pain. He must dispose of all feelings of pity, mercy, grace and forgiveness! He proposes, He requires, He requires calamity and dissension! He wants his heritage! The Master has appointed you as the provider of the seed of his vindication! Your seed, the son of
evil, he shall be the key into the Garden of Jehovah, blessed be His name. The fruit of your loins shall bring the end of your race (long overdue, mind you) and return it to the Master’s kindred! Your son, he is the new man; the body of a man, but the soul of Lucia! Your moment of destiny is upon you! Now, go back home! I’ll be just out of the corner of your right eye!”

Alex’s eyes suddenly sprang open so fast they seemed frozen and unable to close. His sweat-drenched body began to rustle on his sunken mattress. When his mind had sufficiently reoriented itself, Alex opened his eyes and thrust his torso forward into the sitting up position. He rubbed his eyes slightly and looked down on the bed. It was covered with dead ants. There wasn’t one ant left on either of the walls, nor on the ceiling!

Alex felt an itching, tingling sensation over his back and chest areas. When he felt the irritation he suddenly realized that it didn’t feel good at all. It was more like a burning feeling that was slightly worse than that from the sun. Alex looked at his stomach. It was red and blistered. Quickly, he took a small mirror from beneath his bed. He held it up at an angle to look at his back. It too appeared to have been sizzled on a grill for a short time. Then he noticed his wrists. They were scraped and bruised. His hair was full of straw and sticks and he pulled out a moving, living roach out of his hair. The dream came back to him. He remembered the chair, the ropes. He remembered Sally. He looked at his wrists and ankles. They were black and blue and rubbed raw.

“What does all this mean?” Alex asked himself, still looking in the mirror at his back. Alex noticed something strange about his face. No, it wasn’t his face. It was his eyes. It was his right eye, to be exact! Alex stared more intently at his eyes. There was something in his right eye. He looked at it intently in the mirror. The right eye grew clearer. Attentively, Alex brought the eye more closely into the left eye’s view. There! In the corner! Alex saw it. He could almost feel it moving! He was sure he heard it laughing, sneering and roaring ever so slightly in his ears, especially in the right ear. Then it was there! The name came to Alex just as the thing popped into view.


“Forget the girl Alex! You’ve got a world to dismantle, ha-ha!” Abaddon said out of the corner of Alex’s eye. “When you’ve finished with her, she’d better just die and get out of the way! She could be trouble! You’re never going to be alone again, my Sheik! Salaam Alekum!”

Alex walked over to the sink to wash the mess out of his hair. He glanced at the mirror and the there was something written on it in blood.

“It was all in your heart Alex. I swear to…I swear! Today you are really going to make a really grand exit, and a powerful entrĂ©e into a new world, don’t you think? Hope I didn’t scare the Tenebre out of ya! NO! Don’t do that! HA! HA! HA! Scare the Tenebre out of you! That was a good one, don’t you think?” Abaddon disappeared. Alex dropped his head to the sink and wept. He would not weep again! He opened his eyes and found himself planted deeply in his sunken mattress staring up at the legion of ants going about their endless mayhem on the ceiling overhead. He looked to the right with his eye and screamed in horror.

“You belong to us now!” the creature proclaimed. Alex could not scream again for his wrists were bleeding and he knew he had encountered the evil one. He was no match for it. He had a world to dismantle!

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