Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Dan Fogelberg - A Retrospective Interview

Steven Clark Bradley Interviews
Fred Migliore of FM Odyssey Radio About
Dan Fogelberg - A Retrospective Interview

Q: Who was the man behind Dan Fogelberg's music?

A: In my opinion, Dan was a very private person who used his music to socialize with the world. This allowed him to keep his family life and the music business separate. A daunting task that many in the music industry aren’t able to do

Q: Can you try to describe the impact of Dan Fogelberg's message through his music?

A: Dan's music was a soundtrack to his own life, in a way. Many listeners share that commonality with him because their journey is similar.

His songs created a visual landscape, as well as a heart and mind connection. Sometimes you "get it" right away and other times it takes a while to sink in. A perfect example is the title track of his album Nether lands. For all the years I spent listening to that song, feeling in my mind, the refreshing breeze coming down the side of the Colorado Rocky's, it wasn't until Dan told me that the song was actually about making the choice of living or suicide. Now, go back and listen to it!

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne (Live - 2003)

Q: What is the main reason you have produced this biographical CD?

A: My radio program, FM Odyssey, was created 18 years ago as a way to preserve the fundamental style of the FM radio I grew up listening to, that can hardly be found anymore.

A time when people picked up an instrument or wrote a song because they had something to say not because they wanted to become rock stars. Most of that is lost in the current state of music. Dan has always been one of the cornerstones of what great radio was built on. What he did for music and radio is equal to the way he personally touches the hearts of each of his fans. Therefore, the reason I produced this CD is that I want to connect listeners with the part of Dan that they never knew. Having him provide the insight, for the first time, about what he was going through at the time of creating these 13 great songs chosen for the interview. It makes for a fascinating story.

Q: Could you tell us about your relationship with Dan Fogelberg, during his life?

A: My relationship with Dan was like everyone else’s, a fan! However, one of the magical things that happen on really good radio is that you get a chance to sit down with artists that you really admire. In this case, the interview was set up before a concert. It was his 25th anniversary tour and he had just released a 4 CD retrospective box set, so that was good. Because that meant I could ask him about any song I wanted!

I made a list of my favorite Dan Fogelberg songs, without the aid of any of his albums lying in front of me. I just began to tap them from my mind onto paper. That is how I came up with the list of songs to talk to him about. One of the self-indulging perks of doing radio. We spent about an hour together, starting out by talking first. Then it quickly turned into bonding. I think, because Dan realized that, the questions I was asking him were refreshing and made him excited. Not like the endless shallow questions, he’d been asked for 25 years. Soon, the microphones began to disappear and it was as if two old friends were reminiscing on a park bench. You can really hear that intimacy and unscripted – “in the moment” kinda magic coming out of your speakers.

His concert started 45 minute late, because we lost track of time and he kept waving off his road manager every time he tried to stop us. And just like that, it was over. I was grateful to be that “audience of one” for that moment in time and was content to know that we would meet again if we were supposed too!

Dan Fogelberg – Wysteria

Q: I know that Dan Fogelberg had a very large following during his career. Can you describe the reaction you are seeing to this CD from his past fans?

A: The reaction has been astounding! People have been responding from all over the world; Hundreds of emails. Once again, for his fans to hear him talk in detail about the way he built each one of these 13 songs is refreshing to them and gives the song so much more meaning when you can finally connect the dots.

Q: Have you seen many new fans who are interested in the music of Dan Fogelberg's music through this new CD?

A: Some younger than the boomer generation and a whole bunch that either knew the name or have become reacquainted with him.

Q: Can you tell us of any up and coming musicians who have been inspired by Dan Fogelberg's music and life?

A: I think if you ask, a majority of musicians, as well as his peers would tell you he was an inspiration. I remember Judy Collins telling me she was so honored when Dan requested to use her song “Since you’ve asked”.

One particular artist that Dan, himself admired a lot was Jesse Colin Young. Jesse was the lead singer for the Young bloods who created the hit Get Together. Dan also was blown away when Jewel began performing. So, everyone inspires everyone else. That’s why we all came here!

Q: Would you please sum up Dan Fogelberg's impact on the world around us?

A: His music has not only survived decades, but has flourished for almost 40 years. That still boggles my mind when I think of it that way! When you say the right things and those words connect with someone’s heart, they will never be forgotten.

Author Steven Clark Bradley Reviews

Dan Fogelberg - A Retrospective Interview

Probably, no one can correctly judge how much of an impact music has on our daily lives. As a writer, I choose music to put me in the particular mood that I need for the story I am writing. Great warriors of History found music to be of great benefit during times of difficulty. Saul, ancient king of Israel, could only be soothed by the strumming of a future King David’s harp. Throughout history, music has been the medium of choice to calm a nervous spirit, mend a broken heart and to motivate the lethargic into taking a needed action.

In many cultures, to this day, music has been used as a means of passing one generation’s history onto the next. Music can make us smile; it can turn strangers into lovers and affects every ear that hears it. That is why I truly enjoyed and truly recommend the excellent new CD about a singer who was as much a poet as he was a singer, though Dan Fogelberg was excellent at both. The new CD titled, Dan Fogelberg - A Retrospective Interview is an excellent way to learn about this great performer for the first time or to remember and appreciate afresh.

As I listened to the interview and the gentle and profound sounds of both Dan Fogelberg’s voice and music, I found that the emotions that it produced in me were gentle, yet powerful. It took me into the meanings of the words and the sounds, very profoundly. I loved hearing Dan Fogleberg’s explanations of his start in music and how he followed in his father’s footsteps and it all transported me back to a more peaceful, more hopeful time, when we took greater interest in the stories behind the music and the profound ideals that the singer was communicating.

During the interview, I recall that Dan Fogelberg said that the basic styles of music he wrote and produced were in four basic categories; Hits, Ballads, Rock & Roll and Tales and Travels. This CD is very insightful in that all four of these genres are presented in excellent form and taste, throughout this Dan Fogleberg extravaganza. There seemed to be something said in every part of Fred Migliore's interview of Dan Fogelberg which gave me the impression that each song was placed in such a way that beautifully backed up what Dan Fogelberg said. It created in me a real nostalgic sensation of my earlier years and a sense of the loss that we all have due to the untimely and premature departure of this good, talented and very creative songwriter and performer.

It is rare that we get so deeply into a well-known celebrity’s personal life and even more uncommon that we get such a deep and instructive analysis of what actually motivated the singer to write one song or another. This excellent CD went between the lines and dug profoundly into the making of the man and the power behind the music. I can truly say that listening to Dan Fogelberg’s words and considering that he is sadly, no longer with us produced, dare I say, a somehow spiritual sentiment that made listening a moment of time very well spent and which motivated me, as an artist and a writer, to make sure that the end of my life leaves behind such tributes and memories of a life well spent just as Dan Fogelberg did. His music will speak to and motivate others for generations to come.

I enthusiastically congratulate Fred Migliore for a labor of love and appreciation that is very well deserved by the singer and which makes our tough and often tedious world much more pleasant and livable by virtue of the soft and profound sounds of one of the world’s best performers. Get a copy of this CD and you’ll see, like I did, that you’ll thank God for a life well lived, the life and beautiful music of Dan Fogelberg.

Steven Clark Bradley
Author of Patriot Acts Nimrod Rising StillBorn! Probable Cause

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne (Live - 2003)

Dan Fogelberg 2008 Birthday Tribute - Nether Lands

Are you a fan of Dan Fogelberg's music?
Would you like to hear him
talk about the story behind the song?

Well then, this is your chance to share these intimate and personal interviews with Dan Fogelberg. The interviews are hosted by industry pro Fred Migliore and listen in as Fred talks about elements of the songs and finds out how Dan Fogelberg feels about each song.

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Fred Migliore's memories of the interview

The Dan Fogelberg interview was almost as much fun to prepare for as it was to do. Dan had just released the 3 CD box set called Portrait - The Music of Dan Fogelberg. Having made Dan a staple on our weekly radio show, FM Odyssey, I thought it would be really neat to talk to him and bring out to the audience the side of Dan that most people never knew.

Preparing for it was fun. One of the perks in doing radio is the option of taking ownership! So I wrote down my all time FAVORITE Dan songs. No CD's in front of me. Nothing between my brain and the paper but a pencil and I began to put these songs down. After finishing I went to the Portrait Box Set to see how many were on there and all but one was; so these songs represent all the music you hear in this 2 hour interview.

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