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Is Chinese-Style Healthcare Coming to America?

I made this video today while I was at the Army hospital to see a doctor for my wrist which I injured while exercising. I was told twice not to take pictures there, but I managed to take the video and photos you will see in this video anyway.

Though the physical structure of this hospital is nice, and not too dirty, really, and though I was generally impressed with the doctor I finally saw, after 3 hours, I was appalled with the lines of people who were forced to wait to get checked and how many of them were finally told, after having waited for so long, to go to another long line on another floor to pay for something they had not been told to do before. I only know that because it happened to me.

So, as you watch this, ask yourself if this is what you want for healthcare in America, because that is what will happen unless Obamacare in overthrown by the US Supreme Court. A vote Barack Obama in the November 2012 election is a vote for such socialist and even Marxist policies that will tear away your freedom and rip the heart out of freedom in America. Watch, consider, ask yourself, is this what I want for America's future. Then pray that God once again blesses America! - Author Steven Clark Bradley Novelist


As many us very correctly go about our daily lives trying to provide for our families and hanging on for dear life to a nation that the current administration has taken to the precipice of disaster, right now, the United States Supreme Court is hearing three monumental days of arguments both for and again 'The Affordable care Acts or better known as OBAMACARE.

se arguments and the final decision of the Supreme Court will decide whether your government, elected by the people, for the people and of the people can force you to buy something you do not want. Of course, any patriotic and knowledgeable American can readily take a look at the Us Constitution and see immediately see that the pillars of power set forth by the founding fathers strictly forbade the powers enshrined in the sacred document to possess no such right or authority to force you to do any thing of the sort.

It was over one hundred years before it was ultimately decided that the government could even impose a a national income tax, and it was with great destruction to the original intent of the constitution that the Federal Reserve act was passed setting up the Federal national banking system that eventually took us off of the gold standard and created a worthless currency based on thin air.

Therefore, please take heed of the fact that, even though the original nation is already a thing of the past, the entrails that remain in place will be also dissolved should the Supreme Court side with The Obama Administration and keep in place a heath care system that was never read before it was passed and which has neither created better more accessible health care nor has it made it more affordable.

This is your nation! This is the legacy and posterity that our children and grandchildren shall face if OBAMACARE is allowed to take toot and spread throughout the entire social fabric of American society and power. Is a nation that totally controls the lives of ts people what you wish to bequeath to your children and their children?

COME ON AMERICA! Your nation is being ripped to shreds right under your noses. Put the computer games down for a bit. Turn off the ball games and open your computers, take up your pens, raise your voices and say we will not live in a nation of happy slaves, as i see right now in the People's Republic of China.

Just remember in November, 2012, a vote for Obama or ANY DEMOCRAT equals death panels, controlled lives and THE TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as Obama himself declared. This is a SUPREME JUDGMENT and we had better exercise SUPREME CAUTION or you may not have a nation that represents your hopes and dreams ever again!

The President of the United States says that he's against an 'UNELECTED' court overturning an act of an 'ELECTED' congress. Mr. President, there is something that is larger and more powerful than an 'ELECTED CONGRESS.' It is the CONSTITUTION.

The CONSTITUTION grants any powers that the congress and you have as 'ELECTED' officials. Without the constitution, you have no power at all, and the CONSTITUTION was elected too, by THE PEOPLE in 1789 and is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. It is the CONSTITUTION that sets up the government, not you. It is prescribed in the CONSTITUTION that the judicial branch should NOT BE ELECTED in order to stop what YOU are now trying to do, manipulate the rule of the nine justices to suit your views.

So, Mr. President, the supreme court shall rule in an unbiased way because they are NOT ELECTED and you have no choice, like all Americans but to accept its ruling whether we like it or not. I wonder how you feel about Roe v Wade. Was that not a socially changing manipulating ruling by an 'UNELECTED' judiciary? Yet, you accept that ruling and defend it forcefully. Do you really think we are all blind. Even many of the blind Americans who ELECTED you now see the error of their ways as they scan the net for jobs that are not there. Be sure, I was NOT one of them.

This is precisely a case for which the rules set forth in the CONSTITUTION are prescribed; to judge whether or not YOU and this ELECTED congress overstepped YOUR and THEIR power in trying to force us to buy something WE do not want. It is a perfectly displayed example of the SEPARATION OF POWERS and like millions and millions of us who hate the abortion ruling to this day, we have lived with it while cringing at the millions and millions children who have died.

Should the CONSTITUTIONALLY DESIGNED AND MANDATED court overturn your law, which I and millions and millions of Americans have already decided it should, you too will have to live with your failure to usurp the CONSTITUTION while millions and millions of us rejoice that the CONSTITUTION still works in YOUR OBTUSE VERSION OF America!