Author Steven Clark Bradley is a multifaceted, professionally published author. Because of Steven’s unique experience as a world-traveling author, he is able to very vividly and authentically write about place that many have only read about and few have actually seen. Steven simply loves writing, and he has been blessed to travel extensively and loves to see the world. His travels around the world to 35 countries give him a really interesting amount and unique ways of explaining the characters in his stories. The driving force of his life is to tell the world around him what he has seen and how it impacts our lives today, how yesterday brought us to where we are now, and how it will certainly affect us all in the future.

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Introducing Patriot Acts by Steven Clark Bradley

Patriot Acts.
Trust and Betrayal,
Pride and Honor, Forgiveness and Revenge...

Today, America faces enemies that make the world of the Cold War seem like much brighter times. Islamic forces have declared Jihad on America causing the greatest threat to the life of the United States since World War II. Does the West love its freedom? Is America willing to take the measures that without which will render the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq useless?

Patriot Acts is a depiction of the probable results of inaction and the lack of resolve concerning Iran’s lust for weapons of mass destruction. As you read it, I hope you will compare it to the times in which we live. I predict we will take out this rogue regime and the world and America will be far better for it. For the absence of war does not equal peace. Refusal of war will most certainly spell defeat.

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In Patriot Acts, America finds itself under covert nuclear attack from the Islamic Republic of Iran which has linked up with radical American Militia groups. They have set aside their political and religious differences to carry out the widest attack to America in the nation’s history.

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Colonel Fisher Harrison, the best trained Special Ops killer the military has, is the only one person who can effectively retaliate against their aggression. The only problem is that Colonel Fisher is in a federal prison, framed for a murder he did not commit by his former boss who is now the President of the United States of America.

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Len Garret is another of the well defined and emotional characters of Patriot Acts. He is introduced with his feet up on his coffee table and thinking about all he had lived through that had brought him to his point of departure, which was at hand. He had some visitors who’d be arriving shortly. For the moment though, Garret held a bottle of Tequila in his hand and stared straight up at the portrait of his father that was hung prominently over the Fireplace. Garret had commissioned the painting himself, as a tribute the man who had both beaten him on a regular basis and who had instilled in him a stiff determination to never give into the internationalists, globalists, traitors, fags or any other lowlife epitaph that he could recall hearing his father use for those who ran the country and contrary to his set of rights and wrongs.

Though Len Garret’s father was a feared and respected memory, that painting over the fireplace served more as a constant reminder that he had unfinished business to conduct than as an act of true feeling for the old man about whom even Len Garret, himself had wondered, not a few times, if his father Russell Garret had gone mad.

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Book Review - Patriot Acts takes reality to a new level!

I have read all of Author Steven Clark Bradley's novels. They are all solidly riveting and Patriot Acts does not disappoint! Imagine the world that has allowed Iran to build the bomb and to plan to use it in America by way of an American surrogate. Today there are literally thousands of radical militia groups, on the left and the right, whose greatest desire is to take down the United States of America. Patriot Acts is a work that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will feel the intensity of living through a very real and plausible National Crisis with the President of the United States. You will also get into the mind of the terrorist and understand their motivation that drives them to commit mass murder. Patriot Acts will not disappoint you either. I hope every America reads this novel. It will make you appreciate the efforts we are making to secure the nation and Patriot Acts may make you wonder why we are not doing more. Once again, Steven Clark Bradley has shown his prowess in spinning a story that that will keep you thinking long after you've read the last page. Jean Michael Presque

Take an amazing journey from Alaska to the Midwest and to the center of the Islamic Republic of Iran as two enemies unite to save the nation from two adversaries in league to bring the country to its knees. You will be amazed how close to home and to reality Patriot Acts could be! You can click the link below to get a copy of this exciting new ebook.

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